60 Sexy and Hot Zazie Beetz Pictures

This sexy black beauty has a unique name in Hollywood. Born in Berlin, Germany, Zazie Beetz grew up in Manhattan. She was eight years old when her family moved out of Germany. At a young age, she started performing in theaters and drama stages.

Zazie Beetz went to LaGuardia High School, where Al Pacino, Ansel Elgort, and Jennifer Aniston finished art school. After her graduation in LaGuardia, she went to Skidmore College and obtained a degree in the French Language.

Aside from French, Zazie Beetz is also proficient in German and English. She learned German during her early years in Berlin, where she stayed until she was eight years old. Zazie Beetz conversed with her father in German alone.

Zazie Beetz auditioned in many roles and got a few low budget projects. It was in 2016 that she had the opportunity to show her acting skills to the world. Zazie Beetz landed the role of Van in the series Atlanta.  She got critical acclaims for her performance in this comedy series.

Zazie Beetz starred in a film Geostorm, but it was Deadpool 2 that gave her a big break for action-packed roles. She is Domino, a superhero who doesn’t get hurt because of luck. After Domino, Zazie Beetz earned a casting role in Joker last year. She played the role of Sophie Dumond, a neighbor to Arthur Fleck (played by Joaquin Phoenix ).

Zazie Beetz is also active in Netflix movies and shows. She starred in High Flying Bird, Easy, Lucy in the Sky, and  Seberg. Zazie Beetz has an upcoming horror movie where she’s a co-star to Chance the Rapper.

Currently, Zazie Beetz is in a relationship with David Rysdahl. Their relationship is in its fifth year and still counting. You can see in her Instagram posts how enamored the two on one another. Another sweet side of this hot beauty is her love for cats. Her cat’s name is Coco, and Zazie Beetz knits some hats for her furry baby.

Zazie Beetz will turn 30 this coming May 25. Despite her current age, she looks so young with a great bikini body, allowing her to flaunt her ass and boobs. She uses a homemade body butter to keep her skin sincerely moisturized. Zazie shared the recipe in an Instagram post.

Her natural hair reflects her inner confidence, and Zazie won’t change the look of her hair. In the world of double standards among celebrities, seeing the likes of Zazie is a breath of fresh air. However, despite her positive outlook in life and beauty, this beautiful woman suffers some struggles.

Zazie Beetz experiences panic and anxiety attacks. The great thing about her is her openness to talk about her mental health issues. Nevertheless, the Afro-American slash German actress is one of the sexiest women in Hollywood, inside and out.

Sexy and Hot Zazie Beetz Pictures

Sexy and Hot Zazie Beetz Pictures
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