41 Sexy and Hot Zatanna Pictures

Zatanna is a fictional character who appeared in the DC comics. She is a superheroine with magical powers and who works as an illusionist and stage magician. The artists illustrate her as a sexy lady wearing a magician’s costume. Her typical outfit includes a black hat, long-sleeved coat, and boots.

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Zatanna has also appeared on the television. She became a recurring personality in Smallville in its last three seasons. Serinda Swan played the character. In DC comics, the authors first showed her in Hawkman #4, where she was searching for her father. After being seen in several comics, her story concluded in the Justice League of America

Zatanna’s full name is Zatanna Zatara. She is the child of Sindella and Giovanni “John” Zatara. Her mother is from the Homo magi species, while her father has magical powers that she inherited. She has a cousin named Zachary Zatara, who also practices magic. Her ancestors include Leonardo da Vinci, Alessandro Cagliostro, Evan Fulcanelli, Nicholas Flamel, and Nostradamus. 

She learned of her magical capacity while she was searching for her father. To find her father, she sought the assistance of several heroes, like Elongated Man, Atom, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and Hawkman. Eventually, she found her father in Kharma. She traveled there to reunite with him. However, her father cannot go near her because of a spell by the evil sorceress Allura.

After finding her father, Zatanna continued to work as a magician on stage. Later, she employed Jeff Sloane, who became her close friend. After she hired Jeff, Allura possessed Zatara (her father) and attacked them. Jeff and Zatanna had to hurdle many obstacles in other realms before they were able to return to Earth and defeat Allura.  

Zatanna is a talented magician. She casts spells by saying the incantations backward, like her father.  Some of her abilities are:

  • Pyrokinesis – produce heat and manipulate it
  • Electrokinesis – produce electricity and use it 
  • Cryokinesis, hydrokinesis, photokinesis, and geokinesis – produce ice or cold, water, lights, and rocks, and move them  
  • Telekinesis – user her mind to move objects 
  • Telepathy – she can read minds and erase the memory of other people 
  • Teleportation – she can travel or send people to another place with no time or space restrictions
  • Reality alteration – she can distort the reality of her opponents to confuse them or cause mental trauma 
  • Deflection – she can give back to the sender or redirect energy projections aimed towards her
  • Weather manipulation – she can directly control the weather in an area
  • Force field – she can create a protective shield around her 
  • Healing – she can treat herself or other people from the majority of the injuries
  • Hypnosis – she can hypnotize others and instruct them to do anything 

Zatanna also had several romantic interests in the DC universe. These include John Constantine, Doctor Thirteen, The Flash, Batman, and Robin. 

Sexy and Hot Zatanna Pictures

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