42 Sexy and Hot Yoko Littner Pictures

When it comes to sexy redheads in the mecha anime world, there is no doubt that Yoko Littner makes the Top Ten of the List. This fierce character is the primary female protagonist of the series, Gurren Lagann. Before you read any further, please note that there might be spoilers ahead for fans of the anime.

The name of the series roughly translates to Crimson Face, which refers to the Gunmen that the two heroes wield. The lead characters of the anime are two male teenagers named Simon and Kamina. They live in an underground world in a fictional future-Earth, as a king name Lordgenome rules over them.

Also known as the Spiral King, he prevents villages from contacting one another and reaching the Earth’s surface. The two teenagers serve as diggers in their town, and a chance encounter with a Gunmen causes them to break to the surface world.

Here is where our hot female character comes in. Yoko Littner wields an energy rifle and showcases outstanding marksmanship to defeat the enemies. Unlike the two males, this beautiful redhead works best without a Gunmen.

She falls in love with the older protagonist, Kamina, because of his firm and confident personality. Simon, on the other hand, had a weak will and tended to rely on his best friend for strength and courage. His timidity caused Yoko Littner to pay little attention to him.

When Kamina died, the stunning shooter developed empathy for Simon. Soon after, she had a sisterly relationship with him and provided him with wise counsel when needed. Her love ended in heartbreak, and Yoko Littner did not have a romantic partner since then.

Throughout the series, Yoko Littner sported several outfits that highlighted her generous boobs and ass. You might even wonder how she can move so efficiently with so little clothes on, but her fighting prowess never diminished regardless of her attire. As such, this charming fictional character became a fan favorite of cosplayers in comic conventions.

The anime was so successful that it spawned a manga adaptation, two animated films, and video games. If you missed seeing this lovely female on TV, then you can undoubtedly see more of her in other avenues.

Marina Inoue, a notable Japanese voice actress, lent her vocals for the resilient character. You will also hear her on other animations like Gakuen Alice, Hell Girl, Skip-Beat!, Hayate the Combat Butler, Maria Holic, and Highschool of the Dead. One of her most well-known roles was in the action-fantasy series, Attack on Titan, as Armin Arlert’s voice.

If you want to see more of this gorgeous character, feel free to browse our bikini collection of Yoko Littner. With the success of the anime, we can only hope she appears in another season.

Sexy and Hot Yoko Littner Pictures