50 Sexy and Hot Yara Shahidi Pictures

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Yara Sayeh Shahidi is an actress, model, and activist born on February 10, 2000. Yara became famous for portraying Zoey Johnson on Blackish (2014-present) and its other spin-offs like the Grown-ish (2018-present). Her portfolio is not just about T.V. series; it’s for movies too!

She starred in some movies, such as The Sun Is Also A Star (2019), a film adaptation of Nicola Yoon’s romance novel where a Korean-American college-bound guy falls in love with a Jamaican-American bound for deportation.

Yara Shahidi is a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her parents are Keri and Afshin Shahidi, an Iranian-American father and an African-American-Choctaw mother. They relocated to California when she was four years old, because of her father’s work-related reasons.

She has siblings: Sayeed Shahidi, her older brother, who is a former child actor who now works as a model, and her younger brother, Ehsan Shahidi. According to her mother, Yara is a Persian word, meaning “someone close to your heart.” The famous Old Town Road Rapper Nas is their once-removed cousin.

As young as six years old, she knows how to hustle already, appearing on T.V., print, and commercial ads for different companies like McDonald’s and GapKids. Together with her mother and her younger brother, they work together to do her campaign advertisements successfully.

Her peak moment as a child actress was when she starred in the movie Imagine That (2009) with Eddie Murphy, where she received a nomination for the Young Artist Award. She also had several appearances: In Salt (2010), where she was a next-door neighbor. Back in 2012, she played as President William Johnson’s daughter, in the hit T.V. sitcom The First Family (2012-2015).

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Sexy and Hot Yara Shahidi Pictures