60 Sexy and Hot Winona Ryder Pictures

Turning 50 in October, Winona Laura Horowitz, aka Winona Ryder, still looks beautiful and sexy compared to twenty years ago. Born in Winona, Minnesota, she’s one of the many celebrities who played box-office hit roles. Winona Ryder starred in many great films.

During her teenage years, Winona Ryder enrolled in American Conservatory Theater.  After her graduation, she got her debut film in Lucas. Winona Ryder got other minor roles. In 1988, she appeared as Lydia in Beetlejuice. Two years after, Winona landed an acting role as a teenager who falls for an eccentric person in Edward Scissorhands.

Another notable performance of Winona is her role in Heathers, released in 1989. Her manager prohibited her from getting the part because it might be the end of her career in Hollywood. Still, Winona continued to play the part.

During the 90s, Winona Ryder landed several significant roles, which earned her nominations from Academy Award. In 1993, she starred in the Age of Innocence that got her nominated as Best Supporting Actress. Winona was also the main cast in Little Women in 1995. Her performance earned an Academy nomination.

Winona disappeared in the limelight for several years. She returned in 2006. In her return, Winona Ryder played a leading role in A Scanner Darkly. She appeared in several film projects, including an indie film, The Darwin Awards. Winona tried to rework her reputation before her disappearance by showing her talent in acting.

Winona became a co-star in When Love is Not Enough, a TV movie in 2010. Her performance received critical acclaims. After this appearance, she starred in prominently acclaimed films such as Black Swan, The Dilemma, The Iceman, and Homefront. Two years ago, Winona played a rom-com role alongside Keanu Reeves, her co-star in Dracula.

Her most recent appearance in TV series is Stranger Things, where she plays the character, Joyce Byers. Winona received a nomination in Golden Globe award for this role. She landed another leading role in The Plot Against America. The series premiered in March 2020.

Despite her successful acting career, Winona’s personal life is rife with struggles. Before her disappearance in the world of Hollywood, she found herself in a hot seat. Winona got charges for shoplifting merchandise worth $5000.

Even after pleading not guilty, the court convicted Winona for vandalism and theft. She served more than 400 hours of community service with a three-year probation. During her probation period, Winona had to undergo counseling.

Over the years, Winona Ryder had romantic relationships with other celebrities, actors, or musicians. She dated Depp, Dave Pirner, and Matt Damon. Her longest relationship is with Scott Mackinlay Hahn, a fashion designer. Despite her golden age, Winona Ryder is no doubt still one of the female celebrities with an excellent bikini body. She can even flaunt her ass and boobs confidently like she is twenty years younger.

Sexy and Hot Winona Ryder Pictures

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