46 Sexy and Hot Willow Smith Pictures

Willow Smith has transformed from being a cute little girl to a stunningly beautiful and sexy young lady. As the daughter of celebrity couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, Willow has always been destined for fame even if it wasn’t something she wanted.

Growing up, Willow wanted to shy away from the kind of life her parents built. However, she quickly realized that the spotlight was something she was never going to escape. So, after struggling for a bit, Willow embraced her destiny and fully immersed herself into being a real artist.

The whole world first caught a glimpse of Willow, when she starred alongside her father, Will Smith, in the movie “I Am Legend” (2007).  However, she took the whole world by storm in 2010 when she released her smash hit “I Whip My Hair,” with Nicki Minaj as a featured artist.

The world saw her not just as a kid, but as a hot new artist shaking up the industry. Yet despite the well-received single, this pivotal moment started her love-hate relationship with Hollywood. In 2012, she decided to shave her head as a sign of rebellion against the popstar life she didn’t want.

Despite all her inner turmoil, Willow made a conscious decision to change the way she viewed her life. She decided to do away with toxic energies by channeling all her struggles into more profound pursuits. Even at a young age, Willow found a deep interest in understanding science and spirituality. At present, she practices yoga and shares her experiences and accomplishments with her fans through social media.

Will and Jada played a significant role in guiding their daughter to become the woman she is. Influenced by her parents’ authenticity and artistry, Willow, too, has a signature style that no one can copy. Also, she’s got a killer body, accentuated even more by her 5-foot-5 stature.

Another noticeable thing about her is her goddess-like face – a precise mix of Will’s and Jada’s features. She has a radiant aura that could be a result of her constant meditation and yoga practice.

Although it is clear that there’s something intensely profound about Willow Smith’s character, she is also a young woman that’s brimming with sexiness and confidence. With her modelesque attributes, she does look insanely gorgeous in a tiny bikini. It’s hard to unsee that the kid we knew is now a woman with a nicely shaped ass.

Willow is a girl that has grown up in front of the entire world. And although it may still be a bit hard to imagine her as a full-grown woman with actual boobs, it is incredible to see that her transformation is not only limited to her physical body. Willow Smith has also grown emotionally and spiritually, never failing to share her insights on empowering women and making a difference in the world.

Sexy and Hot Willow Smith Pictures