51 Sexy and Hot Whitney Cummings Pictures

When you accidentally post your boobs on Instagram, you don’t delete it and get trolled by the extortionists; you re-post it and walk out like a boss like Whitney Cummings. Oh yes, you heard it right – Whitney Cummings handled her online boobs-situation by re-posting the photo and turning down her online trolls. The sexy comedian surely knows how to handle the bullies. If you want to see more Whitney Cummings photos, you can browse through our photo gallery.

Born on September 4, 1982, Whitney Cummings is the youngest among the three children of Eric Cummings and Patti Cummings. The stand-up comedian’s childhood was not the typical type. In an interview, she said that she got raised in a dysfunctional and alcoholic environment. Her parents divorced when she was still five years old, and she had to live with her aunt in Virginia when she was twelve. 

Despite her past, Whitney pursued her education and graduated at the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in Communications. She graduated Magna Cum Laude and wanted to be in the journalism industry.

After college, Cummings moved to Los Angeles and worked on MTV in 2004 alongside her stand-up comedy stunts. It was until 2008 that she got the opportunity to appear in the film Made of Honor. While doing stand-up comedy, Cummings got into Entertainment Weekly’s 12 Rising Stars of Comedy in 2008.

Then, she got the spotlight in 2010 when she had her first solo special on Comedy Central. The title of the one-hour show was Whitney Cummings: Money Shot. After that, she began to tour with Denis Leary.

After her stand-up comedy career, she decided to be behind the camera to create and produce sitcoms. She co-created the comedy sitcom, 2 Broke Girls, with Michael Patrick King in 2011. The comedy sitcom got positive reviews by the public and ran for six seasons until it got canceled in 2017. However, her show, Whitney, got a lot of negative reviews and only ran for two seasons and got canceled in 2016.

Cummings had another solo special on Comedy Central entitled “I love you” in 2014. Then, her third one-hour special was in 2016 via HBO called I’m Your Girlfriend.

After her stand-up comedy gigs, she appeared in a movie with Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson in 2017. The thriller film was entitled Unforgettable.

In July 2019, Cummings had another one-hour special entitled Can I Tough It and premiered on Netflix.

Throughout her career, Whitney experienced many rejections and negative criticisms. She also suffered through an eating disorder and binge-eat after every exercise. During that time, Cummings did not care if she had a bikini body or not. She was too focused on her career at that time that she forgot to take care of her body. But Whitney had professional help after.