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Vera Farmiga is a popular American actress who received a variety of awards throughout her career, including a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for her roles in When They See Us (2019, and Bates Motel (2013). She also received an Academy Award Nomination for her Up in the Air role last 2009. 

Farmiga’s real name is Vera Ann Farmiga. She was born in Clifton, New Jersey, last August 6, 1973. Farmiga is the second among the seven children of her Ukrainian parents. She does not know how to speak English until the age of six. Her parents are not celebrities, so being an actress never occurred to her when she was a child. Farmiga’s mother, a school teacher, and father, a computer systems analyst, raised her in a Ukrainian Catholic home. She also has a younger sister in showbiz named Taissa Farmiga. 

Vera Farmiga received her big step in her career last 2004 for her roles as a drug addict role in the drama Down to the Bone. She also made her directorial debut for the successful drama film called “Higher Ground” last 2011, which she also starred as a leading actress.

Before becoming a successful celebrity, Vera Farmiga initially wanted to become an optometrist. However, she changed her mind and went to Syracuse University’s School of Performing Arts to study acting. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1995 and began her professional career in “Taking Sides,” Farmiga’s Broadway debut. The same year, Farmiga also made it as a female lead on her television debut in Fox’s adventure series last 1997, Roar.

With her personal life, Vera Farmiga eloped to the Bahamas with Sebastian Roche, an actor, after they finished starring the TV series Roar. However, they divorced in 2004, and Farmiga started dating Renn Hawkey, a Deadsy musician. They become married last September 13, 2008, while she was conceiving with their first child. During her second pregnancy, the actress made Higher Ground, her debut in a religious-themed drama, where she starred as Corrine Walker. Today, she is living her best life on a farm with her husband, and two children named Fynn McDonnell Hawkey and Gytta Lubov Hawkey.

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Sexy and Hot Vera Farmiga Pictures