46 Sexy and Hot Vanessa Lengies Pictures

Vanessa Lengies is a sexy, funny, and multi-talented actress who made a name for herself as a regular character on the television series “American Dreams” (2002-2005). She played the role of teenage singer-dancer Roxanne Bojarski. 

This Canadian-born actress started in the industry when she was just seven years old and has appeared in several movies like “Perfect Man” (2005), “Waiting” (2005), and “We Are Your Friends” (2009). However, her popularity rose when she got cast as a recurring character on the hit musical TV series “Glee” (2009-2015).

In Glee, she played a hilarious and sassy girl named Sugar Motta, who, out of the blue, auditioned for Glee Club. After a surprising performance of Shirley Bassey’s “Big Spender,” Glee Club members were floored after hearing her off-key performance. Despite her not-so-appealing singing voice, her hilariously blunt persona is what made her one of the show’s most lovable characters. In the show, she also showcased her strength as an overall performer.

However, contrary to her character portrayal on Glee, Lengies can, in fact, sing. In American Dreams, she perfectly showcased her singing and dancing abilities. One of her noteworthy moments was a song called “My Boyfriend’s Back,” which she performed alongside singer Stacie Orrico and Pitch Perfect star, Brittany Snow.

Lengies is of mixed heritage, owing to her Egyptian mother and German father her unique features. She is fluent in English, Arabic, and French, and is a graduate of Hudson High School. 

In real life, there came one point where she struggled with her sexuality, which she documented in a YouTube series called “The S Word.” Here, she came out as bisexual and gender fluid. According to her, in one of the series’ videos, she realized that she identified as queer, which meant that she did not wholly see herself as a woman. Her gender fluidity has allowed her to express herself in male drag, which she does so proudly and confidently.

Whether dressed up as a man or a woman, Vanessa looks hot either way. However, there’s still something that makes fans go crazy when she’s all dolled up in her female form. There are popular photos of her circulating the internet showing her either dressed down in just a bikini or all glammed up in beautiful gowns and dresses.

Her beautiful face, witty persona, and petite figure, makes her one of the most irresistibly cute and flirty actresses in Hollywood. Not to mention, she’s capable of injecting her brand of humor into the characters she portrays, making all her roles quite memorable.

Given her talents, there is no need to focus on her boobs or her ass, because her character is more impressive than what is seen skin-deep. If there’s one thing that Vanessa Lengies is excellent at, it’s delivering hilariously sexy characters and remarkable performances that fans love. 

Sexy and Hot Vanessa Lengies Pictures