53 Sexy and Hot Trish Stratus Pictures

Trish Stratus is undoubtedly a hot babe with a perfectly toned body. What is more, is you will surely not take your eyes off of her lovely big ass and boobs. Trish has garnered numerous admirers because of these exceptional body features she possesses. She has amassed over 1.7 million Instagram followers due to her being an impeccable public figure, too.

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Patricia Anne Stratigeas is her real name. Her birth date is December 18, 1975, which makes her a Sagittarius in terms of star signs. Trish is a Toronto native, being born in the most populous Canadian city situated in Ontario. This athletic lady is multi-talented, for she has various occupations. Trish is an actress and TV personality. Moreover, as she keeps herself athletic, she has qualified to become a professional wrestler, fitness master, and a fitness model. Now, you can understand why Trish is someone you could best describe as “Miss Body Beautiful.”

Furthermore, Trish is a seven-time World Wrestling Entertainment Women’s Champion. This five feet and five inches stunner is an entrepreneur as well, who opened Stratusphere in 2008. This Toronto yoga studio earned the praise of being the largest, environmentally friendly yoga facility in the whole of Canada. One year after the opening of Stratusphere, Trish bagged the Best New Business accolade from the Top Choice Awards. Plus, she got the recognition of being the Business Woman of the Year in 2010. Then, three years later, her yoga studio raked in the Best Yoga Studio prize from the Top Choice Awards.

As an actress, Trish appeared in films like “Gridlocked” and “Bail Enforcers.” On TV, she was part of the cast of “Da Kink in My Hair,” “Armed and Famous,” and “The Second City’s Next Comedy Legend.” Aside from her professions, did you know that Trish is also a hot Momma-of-two? She has been married since 2006, making her the official Mrs. Ron Fisico for almost 15 years now! However, although Trish is no longer a bachelorette, that fact does not translate to you getting banned from fantasizing about her. Of course not! You can daydream about Trish being your multi-talented girlfriend for as long as you want.

This dark brown-haired and dark brown-eyed beauty possesses the vital statistics of 40-26-37 inches. So you can imagine how fantastic Trish’s sizable boobs and ass are! Discussing Trish’s accomplishments will surely take as more than one hour because she is, indeed, a prolific public personality. Now, let us delight you with the most excellent images of the super-sexy body of Trish Stratus, highlighting her jaw-dropping, massive, and voluptuous boobs and ass! Enjoy!