58 Sexy and Hot Tika Sumpter Pictures

Tika Sumpter is among the super-sexy showbiz figures today. She possesses an almost-perfect female vital statistics listed online as 34-24-34 inches. Also, she has sultry boobs that fit bras with a size of 32B. As a sultry bombshell, Tika is stunning with her towering, model-perfect height of five feet and seven inches tall. Check out our compilation of Sexy and Hot Tika Sumpter Pictures below.

She has a hot, bikini body and lovely, tight ass that body-hugging, size-four dresses gracefully cover, too. With all of these excellent physical features of Tika, you will not feel surprised that she has been among the much sought-after actresses of her generation.

Do you want to see more of the titillating pictures of Tika? Would you like to know more of how dazzling she is as a showbiz figure? Then, allow us to take you on a two-minute journey. First, let us tell you some background of this gorgeous celebrity. Tika’s complete first name is Euphemia LatiQue. Miss Sumpter’s birth date is listed online as June 20, 1980. This information tells us that her star sign is Gemini, an Air symbol.

Furthermore, Tika is a native of Queens in New York City. For her college education, she took an undergraduate communications course at Marymount Manhattan College. 

This slim, black-haired and dark brown-eyed actress, singer, and model joined the showbiz industry in 2004. Tika first delved in TV series, appearing in “Best Friend’s Date” as a host until 2005. Then, for more than 16 years as of 2020, she has taken on regular, guest, and recurring roles in various TV series.

Among her appearances listed in her portfolio are in the episodes of “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit,” “The Haves and the Have Nots,” “Mixed-ish,” “Being Mary Jane,” and “Gossip Girl.” Furthermore, Tika got the role of Lucille in the 2015 HBO TV movie, “Bessie,” which is about Jazz Age blues superstar Bessie Smith.

As for her movie portfolio, Tika has been active in the film business since 2009. She has starred in various motion picture projects alongside Hollywood’s famous stars. In “Sonic the Hedgehog,” she got cast alongside veteran comedian Jim Carrey. Also, she appeared as Danica in “Nobody’s Fool,” together with Whoopi Goldberg.

In “Brooklyn’s Finest,” Tika was able to collaborate with Wesley Snipes and Richard Gere, and in “What’s Your Number?” she worked with Chris Evans and Anna Faris.

Did you know that Tika co-produced “Southside with You”? This romantic comedy-drama motion picture is a biopic detailing the budding romantic relationship of former US President Barack Obama and his wife, former US First Lady Michelle Obama. Plus, Tika portrayed the young version of Mrs. Obama in this movie that premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2016.

Tika is, indeed, among the in-demand actresses in Hollywood. Plus, are you aware that she has been an official hot Momma since October 8, 2016? Yes, Tika is a Mom to her toddler daughter, Ella-Loren. She is also going to get married to Nicholas James, the Dad of her baby, and her co-star in soap opera and crime drama series, “The Haves and the Have Nots.”

We are 100-percent sure that you will find Tika adorable and would not get enough of her tempting body with the following sizzling-hot images. Enjoy!

Sexy and Hot Tika Sumpter Pictures