50 Sexy and Hot Tenille Dashwood Pictures

This sexy Australian celebrity has been making waves in the professional wrestling circuit since 2005, and Tenille Dashwood does not look like she will stop anytime soon. If you have recently become a fan, let us check out her history and current activities.

Like other athletes in the industry, Tenille Dashwood started wrestling activities at an early age. Her older brother, Jake, introduced her to the sport when she was only eight years old. A few years later, the young star began training competitively at the age of 15. During this time, she already started appearing in the country’s Pro Wrestling Alliance under a moniker, Valentine.

Unfortunately, the starlet suffered a severe shoulder injury, so she only helped with the ring setup and other errands during events. When Tenille Dashwood hit 19 years of age, she went to Canada to meet Lance Evers for a few months of training.

The man participated in World Wrestling Entertainment, Extreme Championship Wrestling, and World Championship Wrestling. After his retirement, he put up a professional wrestling school in Canada called Storm Wrestling Academy.

The hot celebrity made her American debut in 2009 under Shimmer Women Athletes. In the same year, she joined Canadian promotions Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling and Prairie Wrestling Alliance. Tenille Dashwood eventually won the ECCW Supergirls championship and managed to hold on to it for several months.

In 2011, this fierce woman joined World Wrestling Entertainment, arguably the world’s most well-known professional wrestling promotion. She made her WWE debut in a battle royal and announced her new ring name, Emma. This talented woman became the first female Australian wrestler to appear in WWE television, and her on-screen rivalry with Summer Rae was a fan favorite.

This sizzling brunette had the looks and charisma to match her powerful moves, and people can only appreciate her enviable ass, boobs, and abs. By 2017, Tenille Dashwood officially ended her contract with WWE and joined the independent wrestling circuit instead. She has also signed a deal with Impact Wrestling since 2019.

The Australian celebrity has two programs credited to her name, the reality shows called World of Hurt and Total Divas. On social media, she has 1.5 million followers, who she regularly updates with gorgeous photos and video clips. Tenille Dashwood also uses her platform to raise awareness on psoriasis, an autoimmune skin condition that she has battled since her youth.

With an estimated net worth of 1 to 5 million dollars, this woman is one of the most in-demand female wrestlers in the industry. Check out her exclusive bikini collection to make your jaws drop on our website.

Sexy and Hot Tenille Dashwood Pictures