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Sybil Danning was born in Wels, Austria, and spent much of her youth living on army facilities, flying around the world with her father. She enrolled at the Sea Catholic School Star of Eatontown in the state of New Jersey. Afterward, together with her family, she moved to Germany. Her stepfather got transferred shortly after that, and Danning ‘s mother refused to comply when he got told to move to Japan. She found work as a dental assistant after she returned to Austria to help her family financially after her parents divorced each other. 

Danning left her family at the age of 16 and moved to the area of Salzburg, where she studied in a beauty school. The sex icon got presented opportunities to walk in fashion shows and photoshoots while working as a licensed cosmetologist. Sybil made her film debut in the comedy, Komm nur, Meinen Liebstes Vögelein, preceded by her portrayal of the seductive Kriemhild in the erotic movie, The Long Swift Sword of Siegfried.

Now dedicated to performing, Danning studied with renowned Munich acting instructor Annemarie Hantschke for three years. The only roles she got were those that exploited her appearance and sexual appeal. Fifteen films got shot before Danning eventually got a much more influential role as the bare-chested riding African farm girl in Whispering Death. For a decade, she would make five films with heartthrob Christopher Lee in Europe.  

The sexy star then decided to move to Hollywood, California, in 1978 to pursue a film career in America. She opted to leave all her family and friends in Europe with no guaranteed contract, no manager, and no clue what fate would bring. In the 1980 blockbuster film Battle Beyond the Stars, Danning depicted an alien Amazon called Saint-Exim.

Sybil Danning got featured on the cover of the Playboy magazine ‘s August issue in  1987, where she did a bikini and nude pictorial. After that, the sexy siren co-starred with Lee in Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf, portraying  Stirba, Queen of the were-people. In several American television programs, she started to appear as a special guest, particularly in Simon & Simon, A Man Named Sloane, Vega$, Masquerade, V, and The Fall Guy.

She appeared as the psycho Danita Herrington in an indie horror movie titled Virus X in 2010. The year after, she appeared in and recorded a music video for the band Last Vegas.

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Sexy and Hot Sybil Danning Pictures