60 Sexy and Hot Suzanne Somers Pictures

Suzanne Marie Mahoney or better known by her stage name Suzanne Somers was born in San Bruno, California, on the 16th of October in 1946. She is of Irish-American descent and grew up in a strictly Roman Catholic family.

Her father suffered from an alcohol problem and had a bad temper, Somers greatly suffered from the foul words and physical abuse thrown at her as a child. Suzanne spent her high school life in a total of two schools, Mercy High School -where she was a popular cheerleader and Capuchino High School.

She got accepted to the college run by the Catholic Society of the Sacred Heart, it is located in San Francisco and is a women’s college. The bombshell beauty would marry her first husband, Bruce Somers, whom she got her last name from at the age of 19 the year 1965. This union would only last for three years.

Somers would then meet her current husband, Alan Harmel, through booking the job as a prize model in the television show, Anniversary Game, where Harmel worked as a host. They would marry in the year 1977.

The hot actress would soon receive her start in acting between the latter parts of the 1960s and early 70s. She would appear as a topless pool girl, who showed off her boobs in Magnum Force and proceed to have a cameo role in The Six Million Dollar Man episode “Cheshire Man” within the same year of 1977.

Suzanne eventually managed to land on the comedy series Three’s Company from 1977, becoming famous for her role as the dumb blonde Chrissy Snow.  She became a celebrity panel member on Match Game that year and appeared on Tattletales with her husband, Alan Hamel. It is no surprise that she had also won the Las Vegas’ Female Entertainer of the Year – with a hot physique like hers no one can deny that she is worthy of such praise.

The gorgeous lady had started the business, Suzanne Somers Institute for the Effects of Addictions on Families, the year 1990. It was an action out of her own experience of living with a father who suffered from alcohol addiction. A year after the establishment of the center, she would receive a Humanitarian Award from the  National Council on Alcoholism.

She is given praise for being a success in all of her endeavors as a businesswoman, health spokesperson, actress, and singer. Somers is also a published author of self-help books. As seen in the photographs included in the album, her elegance stands against the trials of life.

Press spreads, promotional sexy portraits with her boobs and ass show, bikini and swimsuit pictures, and red-carpet shots are only a few examples of snapshots in the listed collection. Scroll through the gallery, and then you’ll be pumped up by the body and beauty she has.

Sexy and Hot Suzanne Somers Pictures

Sexy and Hot Suzanne Somers Pictures
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