42 Sexy and Hot Summer Glau Pictures

Once ranked as the number eight in the Sexiest Women of TV list from Wizard magazine, Summer Glau has a pretty face and hot body. 

However, the American actress is so much more than just ass and boobs in Hollywood. She is among the most talented women in the TV scene.

Before she gained success in show business, Summer Glau spent most of her early life as a ballerina. She trained classically in ballet after attending a ballet company with a scholarship. The actress also studied flamenco and tango on her own.  

Her first appearances on television came after she landed a couple of TV commercials and later became a guest in the WB series Angel in 2002, playing as a Prima Ballerina.

However, her triumphant performance in the TV show Firefly that same year cemented her entrance in the entertainment industry. She portrayed the role of River Tam in the series for 14 episodes. The actress then later took on the part for the follow-up movie of the series, Serenity, in 2005.  

Summer Glau shortly became a budding actress, gaining more recognition as more roles landed in her lap. Her earlier notable appearances include playing the character of Tess Doerner in the television series “The 4400” in 2005. The American actress appeared in the show for eight episodes.

The actress’ popularity even skyrocketed when she got the part to play Allison Young on the famous TV series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Around the same time that she was doing the Terminator series, she was also part of the cast for another TV show that aired from 2009 to 2010, Dollhouse.

Summer Glau is also on the Netflix series Wu Assassins and appears now and then in DC series Arrows.

Her impressive acting skills in the TV scene over the years didn’t go unnoticed. Summer Glau went home with the Best Actress award from the SFX Award in 2005, as well as the best-supporting actress from Saturn Award for her performance in Serenity. 

She also won another Best Supporting Actress award in television for her role in the Terminator series. These recognitions show how Summer Glau is a genuinely remarkable actress. 

Not to mention, she’s also one of the prettiest faces with a sexy body on TV. She was the top 26 in the 2010 list of 100 Sexiest Women in the World list by the FHM magazine. Summer Glau was also part of the same ranking from the publication the next year. 

Maxim magazine also named the actress as the number 63 in the Hot 100 list in 2014, which highlights not only her talent as an actress but how divinely gorgeous she is.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at Summer Glau’s impressive bikini photos over the years showing her flawless body that is worth admiring. 

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