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Who doesn’t recognize Stephanie McMahon? Well, she’s the daughter of Vincent and Linda McMahon, born on September 24, 1976, in Connecticut. Stephanie has a brother. At present, she’s a Chief Brand Officer at WWE.com. She got the position because of her hard-working nature. Let’s start at the beginning.

Stephanie McMahon attended primary school in Greenwich, Connecticut. When she reached high school, at age 13, she appeared as a model of T-shirts and harts for WWF Catalog Merchandise.

After high school, Stephanie enrolled in Boston University and got her degree in Communications in 1998. After her university graduation, she worked full time in WWE (formerly WWF). Stephanie McMahon appeared regularly in The Undertaker storyline.

She also became the Account Executive in the sales office of WWE in New York. In 2007, Stephanie got a promotion in one of the highest positions in the WWE Creative Writing department,  the Senior Vice President. With her job promotion, she proved herself worthy of the job.

Stephanie oversaw all WWE Storylines in TV and PPV programs. She took over the talent management and expanded The Authority line up that included Kane, Jamie Nobel, and Joey Mercury. Her most significant contribution as the Vice President of the Creative Department is the launching of the WWE app. After launch, the app has more than 20M downloads.

Aside from spearheading the app launch, Stephanie tweaked the WWE’s marketing. She included social media and other digital media in promoting the brand. Following the success of the app, Stephanie created a partnership with USO Metropolitan Washington, Tout, and Yahoo to introduce WWE online content to the public.

Briefly, Stephanie McMahon had an on-screen relationship with Triple H. This relationship turned into a real-life marriage. Their union created the McMahon Helmsley Storyline. During the years, she made irregular appearances in the many storylines.

In 2013, McMahon returned and appeared regularly in the WWE. Her role, this time, is a bully together with on-screen and real-life husband, Triple H. In the storyline, the two want the best for the business while displaying affection to one another.

Before the year 2013 ended, Stephanie received another promotion, the Chief Brand Officer. This promotion allows her to lead the brand WWE into more sustainable development in the future.

Growing, this sexy wrestler with a great beach bikini body struggled with junk foods until she was 20 years old. She got the habit of eating junk because her parents were always away. But, her business role in the brand forced her to revamp her eating habits. Right now, Stephanie tries her best to eat as healthy as possible and visits the gym regularly to keep in shape. It’s no surprise that she still got the body, ass, and firm boobs like a teenager.

Sexy and Hot Stephanie McMahon Pictures

Sexy and Hot Stephanie McMahon Pictures
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