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You probably got to know Stephanie Beatriz when she starred as Detective Rosa Diaz in all seven seasons of police comedy series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. On the show, she has a fierce and standoffish personality and has become one of the most iconic characters. Don’t miss our compilation of Sexy and Hot Stephanie Beatriz Pictures below.

The sexy actress has a mixed background with a Colombian father and Bolivian mother. The latter gave birth to her in Argentina, and her family moved to Texas when she was three years old. Stephanie Beatriz grew up quite poor, so she chose a high school elective that did not require additional costs. 

When the choir teacher dissuaded her from singing, she switched to storytelling and debate. Though the star did not see herself acting on television with the impression that only beautiful white people succeed on TV, Stephanie Beatriz still took up theater arts at Stephens College. 

After graduating, she had a recurring role on the hit TV sitcom Modern Family. The series became a stepping stone for her, but the hot actress felt uncomfortable with the stereotypical Latina roles. This detail is why Stephanie Beatriz advocates representation on TV and pop culture. 

Producers selected her and fellow Latin-American actress Amy Fumero to join the lead roles of the show, and it was one step closer to her goal. When the series’ writers composed a story arc about Rosa Diaz’s sexuality, Stephanie Beatriz was thrilled, as she was also bisexual. 

In 2018, the star wrote a lengthy spread on GQ magazine on her feelings as a bisexual woman getting married. Stephanie Beatriz is a proud member of the LGBTQIA community, and she is hopeful that she can encourage other people to find their way to freedom like she did.

The actress has a great fashion sense, on and off the red carpet. Her Instagram profile, which has almost 2 million followers, contains numerous pictures of her in chic and stylish getups. Stephanie Beatriz wears fun and flirty outfits that emphasize her fantastic figure and stunning boobs just right. Especially in bikini photos that give a glimpse of her gorgeous ass, she is sure to capture our attention.

Her latest project is the upcoming movie adaptation of the musical In the Heights. Warner Bros. Pictures will release the film in the summer of 2020. Directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the film will show us a new side of Stephanie Beatriz. We are excited to see what the attractive brunette has prepared for her fans. There is undoubtedly singing and dancing involved in the movie.

Stephanie Beatriz tied the knot to marketing consultant Brad Hoss in 2018. Together with friends, family, and her co-stars, the actress celebrated her lovely L.A.-themed wedding in style.

Sexy and Hot Stephanie Beatriz Pictures

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