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Famous for her role as Kate Beckett in the hit television series “Castle,” she plays an effortlessly sexy and intelligent NYPD detective who falls in love with murder mystery writer Richard Castle. Her role as agent Beckett and her thrilling onscreen romance with Castle remains her most famous television role to date. However, her most recent role is in a series called Absentia, where she plays agent Emily Byrne.

In real life, Stana Katic’s full name is Stana Jacqueline Katic. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, this Canadian beauty started her acting career in 1999 when she starred in a short film called “Acid Freaks. The film is a thriller about a serial-killing muse who, apart from wreaking havoc in Toronto, tries to seduce an unsuspecting film student. The role kickstarted her sojourn down a path of taking on strong, mysterious, and exotic characters.

Her athletic and well-toned physique made her perfect for her guest roles in TV series such as “24,” “Alias,” “ER,” “CSI: Miami, and “Heroes.” She has made a name playing strong female characters, making her a hot commodity in the suspense, action, and thriller genres. By portraying such empowering roles, she not only dazzles the silver screen with her acting chops, but also elicits the admiration of both men and women in the way she carries herself both offscreen and onscreen.

What makes Stana Katic even more special is her well-toned physique and stunning features. Her face has a seductive allure thanks to her come-hither eyes and luscious lips. Her body makes her look even more amazing whether she’s in a tiny bikini, a sleek little black dress, or a full-on sparkling evening gown.

As a testament to her divine figure and chiselled abs, BuddyTV listed her among the 100 Sexiest Women of Television in 2009. She also made it to Maxim’s Hot 100 list for three consecutive years. Apart from bringing on the seduction with her natural sexiness, she’s also capable of raising the glam. Her past red carpet looks show just how great she is at carrying herself, and in picking the right outfits that accentuate her lovely ass and perfectly shaped boobs.

But beyond what audiences see at face value, there’s more to this lovely actress than what meets the eye. She is also fluent in French, Slovenian, Italian, English, and Serbo-Croatian. In 2008, she established Sine Timore Productions, while in 2010, she founded the Alternative Travel Project, a global initiative that encourages people to make use of alternative travel to benefit society, the people, and the planet.

All of these go to show just how versatile and well-rounded this actress is, making her so much more than the feisty roles she plays onscreen. Her face and body aren’t the only things that make Stana Katic perfect. It’s her whole character and attitude towards life.

Sexy and Hot Stana Katic Pictures