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This sexy American star is most famous for her portrayal of Dionne Marie Davenport in the teen comedy film Clueless. Together with Alicia Silverstone and Brittany Murphy, the film acquired a cult following and received positive reviews from critics. Producers based the movie from Jane Austen’s novel, Emma.

Due to its popularity and success, the film spawned a spinoff television series, paperback books, comics, a stage musical, and even an animated web story. Paramount Studios, the production company for the film, announced news of a movie remake, as well. Though Stacey Dash is too old to reprise her hot teenage character, it will be exciting to see her in a role on the reboot.

Her successful Hollywood career after Clueless hides a dark backstory. In 2016, she released a memoir titled There Goes My Social Life. The book chronicles her triumph over adversities starting from her youth. Stacey Dash grew up in The Bronx, and the New York City borough exposed her to a harsh reality at an early age. She talked about drugs, death, sex, and a slew of controversial topics.

Other TV shows she appeared in are TV 101, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Going to California, Men, Women & Dogs, and The Game. Her most recent leading role is Valerie Stokes in the comedy-drama Single Ladies. Though the program ran for four seasons, she only appeared in the first one.

Apart from acting, Stacey Dash also takes an active role in politics. She was a staunch advocate of Barack Obama in the 2008 elections. However, she declared herself as a Republican in 2012 to promote then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Though she has received backlash, the actress has remained firm on her political views.

As a result, Fox News hired her as a contributor in 2014. Stacey Dash served as a commentator on the daytime news, and talk show Outnumbered. Her contract expired in 2017. She even ran for congress in 2018.

Stacey Dash has a rocking body, and she has no qualms flaunting it on multiple covers. On men’s magazine King, the beautiful star flaunts her plump ass and perky boobs in a dark bikini. She has no problems posing topless, either. With a body like hers, Stacey Dash undoubtedly has to be proud. At 40 years old, she even modeled nude for Playboy magazine!

This star has tied the knot four times. She married lawyer Jeffrey Marty in 2018, and they are still together despite an impending trial for domestic battery. Before him, she had married Doctor Brian Lovell, millionaire James Maby, and actor Emmanuel Xuereb.

She has no upcoming projects yet, so we hope to see more of this gorgeous beauty on our screens soon.

Sexy and Hot Stacey Dash Pictures