49 Sexy and Hot Spider Gwen Pictures

Spider Gwen is a famous character in Marvel Comics. She’s the girl version of Spiderman and the beautiful Gwen Stacy from an alternate universe. We had a lot of fun curating the collection of Sexy and Hot Spider Gwen Pictures posted below. Check it out!

Based on the comics, Gwen Stacy grew up on Earth-65. When her mother died, Gwen Stacy’s NYPD captain father raised her alone. She’s friends with her neighbor, Peter Parker. Her other friends in Midtown High School include Mary Jane Osborne, Glory, and Betty Grant. The friends formed a band they named Mary Janes.

However, Gwen Stacy’s life changed when she earned arachnid-like superpowers after a radioactive spider bit her. Later, she became Spider Gwen or Spider-Woman.

Gwen Stacy’s friend Peter Parker idolized her to a point where he tried to induce himself into a chemical transformation. It turned Peter Parker into a lizard-like monster who later attacked the school. Eventually, Spider Gwen defeated and killed him, on which she later unfairly got the blame for his death.

Aside from the comics, Spider Gwen got featured in a couple of video games and TV series as well. Her character as Gwen Stacy was in Spiderman movies throughout the years.

In the 2007 movie Spiderman 3, Bryce Dallas Howard played the role of Gwen Stacy opposite Tobey McGuire as Spiderman. 

Gwen Stacy’s character in the Spiderman franchise with Andrew Garfield as the leading role has a much more significant role. Emma Stone played the part.

Both Bryce Dallas Howard and Emma Stone are sexy, beautiful, and talented actresses. However, both franchises based the Spider Gwen/Gwen Stacy character on the established Spiderman comic series, where she dies tragically.  

Meanwhile, the animated film Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse released in 2018, which introduced a couple of new characters, including Gwen Stacy, as Spider Gwen. Hailee Steinfeld voiced the character. She’s also a hot and talented actress in Hollywood.

On the other hand, Dove Cameron also voiced the character of Spider Gwen in the animated TV series Ultimate Spiderman vs. The Sinister Six. She also lent her voice for the same role for the media franchise of Marvel Rising. 

Laura Bailey was also the voice for the same character is the 2017 series Spiderman: Maximum Venom on Disney XD.

Emily Tennant also voiced Spider Gwen’s role in the Disney Channel series Marvel Superhero Adventures.

Other stars who voiced Spider Gwen include Laura Bailey in Lego Marvel Spiderman: Vexed by Venom, who also voiced the character is the Spiderman Unlimited video game. Ashley Johnson, Catherine Luciani, and Allegra Clark also lent their voices for Spider Gwen in different Marvel-based video games.

With rumors and plans of bringing Spider Gwen on the big screen, there are speculations on who’s going to play the part. Dove Cameron already expressed her enthusiasm about auditioning for the role, if given a chance.

Meanwhile, here are some of the hot looks of Spider Gwen stars in their bikini photos, showing their toned ass and boobs. 

Sexy and Hot Spider Gwen Pictures