45 Sexy and Hot Sophie Turner Pictures

As we indulge your eyes with Sophie Turner’s sexy ass and boobs on her bikini photos and sophisticated red carpet dresses, let us get to know this GOT star in our compiled information about her. Scan through our gallery of Sophie Turner photos and be amazed at how this actress stunned her outfits, looking classy and hot even while on a bikini.

The Dark Phoenix has arrived! Sophie Turner or Sophie Belinda Turner is an English actress born in England by parents Sally and Andrew Turner and was born on February 21, 1996. But when she was just two, her family moved to Chesterton, Warwickshire.

You know her as Sansa Stark in the famous HBO series The Game of Thrones. She was just 14 years old when she started filming the series and grew with the series as well. It was her drama teacher who persuaded her to audition, and her teacher did an excellent job. She got cast and dyed her blonde hair to auburn to accommodate her role as Sansa Stark, but she wore wigs in the 7th season. She got a nomination for her role as Sansa in 2012 as Best Young Artist but did not win.

Then, in 2013, she began appearing in films as she played a lead character in the thriller film called Another Me. She also starred with Hailey Steinfield in a comedy film called Barely Lethal, which got released in May 2015. She also played Jean Grey in the X-Men Apocalypse in May 2016.

You will have a further wow with this actress as she became an advocate and patron of the organization called Women for Women. This organization supports women war survivors.

Her X-Men journey continued as her film Dark Phoenix got released in June 2019. The film, however, got a meager score on Rotten Tomatoes and, according to viewers, was a flop. But this did not stop Turner to become a stunner on her own. Last September 2019, she got cast in the thriller entitled Survive.

Growing up, Turner had several influences in her acting skills. She said that Dakota Fanning was her inspiration for her early start in the show business and the longevity of her career. Natalie Portman was the inspiration for her versatility and dedication, Cameron Diaz, as her influence for being strong despite being thrown away by many. She met Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers and was romantically linked to him. They eventually got married on May 1, 2019, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and currently resided in New York City.

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