45 Sexy and Hot Sophie Marceau Pictures

Sophie Marceau is only the stage name of the gorgeous girl born on the 17th of November 1966 in Paris, France, as Sophie Danièle Sylvie Maupu. Benoît, her father, was a trucker while her mom, Simone, served as a sales associate. Marceau, who grew up with a fellow actor sibling named Sylvain, would end up studying the art of acting at the Parisian Ecole Florent.

The Parisian bombshell made her first debut appearance with humor film ‘La Boum’ in 1980. The preceding year, together with the artist François Valéry, she released a song called “Dream in Blue.” She went on to star in her debut film’s sequel called ‘La Boum 2.’ Her portrayal in this screenplay won her the César Award for Most Promising Actress just three years after debuting. The brunette beauty got cast to star in the comedic movie ‘Pacific Palisades’ as well as in the film ‘La note bleu.’ A year would pass; she would then make her theatre debut with the production ‘Eurydice.’ Marceau soared to universal prominence with her films ‘Fanfan’ then ‘Revenge of the Musketeers’ released separately in 1993 and 1994. She would get showcased as Eliza Doolittle in the show ‘Pygmalion’ throughout that period.

In 1995, when she famously portrayed Princess Isabelle in the periodical war movie ‘Braveheart,’ The Parsian sexy star’s global acclaim reached greater lengths. She then later starred in the France-based film ‘Beyond the Clouds’ a few months after, and also started penning her semi-autobiographical book titled Telling Lies. In 2001, the English translation of the very same novel got released. In 1997, Marceau took part in the films ‘Marquise,’ ‘Anna Karenina’ and Firelight,’ ‘  ‘ Two years would pass, the hot lady would then be seen in  ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ where she played Hippolyta, the fairy queen’s character. The actress also got featured as Elektra King in the 1999 spy flick ‘The World Is Not Enough.’

In 2012 she performed as a cougar woman in the romance movie ‘Happiness Never Comes Alone’ where falls in love with a boy working as a musician. A year after she starred as a female lead who admits to having killed her spouse that had harassed her for many years in cold blood in the film ‘Arrêtez-Moi’   After that in ‘The Missionaries’ she ended up playing Judith Chabrier.  By  2015, she acted in the French-Belgian film ‘Jailbirds’ as Mathilde Leroy. Just a few months later, Sophie Marceau got selected as a member of the jury for the Cannes Film Festival ‘s main competitors’ category.

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Sexy and Hot Sophie Marceau Pictures