60 Sexy and Hot Sophie Cookson Pictures

Sophie Cookson has captured the hearts of fans worldwide through her acting skills and beauty. Born May 15, 1990, in Sussex, England, she moved with her family to Suffolk, and was then enrolled by her parents in ‘Woodbridge College.’

Sophie had spent her childhood years dreaming of becoming a veterinarian and architect while being a member of a Youth Music Theatre group by the age of 10. The group eventually went on to tour Japan, but despite the success of this group, the young Sophie decided to quit and pursue her studies in Art History and Arabic.

It was only by the age of 19 did she realize that she wanted to take acting seriously. Cookson finished her schooling from the Oxford School of Drama in 2013.

The young actress was then cast as Millie Lancaster for the TV film, Unknown Heart. Similarly, the American psychological thriller, Gypsy, saw Sophie as Sidney Pierce in the lead role. The series is airing on Netflix. She is best known for her role as the sexy Roxy Morton in Kingsman: The Secret Service; her performance in the film garnered enough attention to be nominated as Best Female Newcomer for the prestigious Empire Awards.

After her nomination, her career was set on a fast track, having landed prominent roles in movies like Ashes in the Snow, The Huntsman: Winter’s War, and The Crucifixion.

 Aside from roles in these films, Cookson has also be known for her capability to transition from stage, TV, and film acting; she has starred opposite Orlando Bloom in a play called Killer Joe and managed to receive positive feedback from the majority of the critics. Her most recent project is the television show The Trial of Christine Keeler, where she plays the lead role.

She has a total of 166 thousand followers on Instagram and 40.3 thousand on Twitter. Sophie began dating actor Stephen Campbell Moore in 2018, who had initially been married to the actress Claire Foy. Cookson and Moore were working together to film the 2018 film ‘Red Joan,’ in which Moore portrayed the character of Max.

The actress isn’t one to show her boobs and ass on camera, but she is known to have a petite frame with a 24-inch waist. Her hobbies include taking a walk, cooking, and singing. The actress has mentioned in an interview that she feels the sexiest whenever she can wear a suit or trousers because it makes her feel even more confident.

Several sexy images show off Sophie Cookson’s boobs, ass, and overall figure that will make you drool are available in the gallery. There are also images from the actress’s photoshoots, red carpets, and other events. These will prove that the English actress is the total package.

Sexy and Hot Sophie Cookson Pictures

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