48 Sexy and Hot Sonya Deville Pictures

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Born under the name Daria Rae Berenato, she was born on September 24, 1993, in New Jersey, United States. Her Italian features are from her Italian parents, considering that Sonya’s nationality is American. She went to Seneca High School, and at a young teenage year of 16, she started to train, compete, and fight in the most exciting combat sports, the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). 

Sonya Deville took hold of the limelight when she became a contestant in the WWE Tough Enough (2015), where she ranked 11th. She got eliminated, but she secured a contract with WWE and had instructions to go to the WWE Performance Center in Florida. Ever since she got the chance to fight and perform with NXT and its main listing, in this wrestling promotional, she competed for solo, occasionally tagging along with Mandy Rose. Their duo was dubbed Fire and Desire. As an MMA fighter, she has a record of 2-1.

Sonya Deville is the first wrestler in WWE to be openly gay. She dated men in the past because it was the norm, and claimed that she wasn’t in denial, but oblivious. The realization hit her when a friend’s mother directly told her that Sonya Deville is gay. She is comfortable, happy, and content with who she is. Sonya even threw a big coming-out-party, showing the whole world how good and happy her character is. She currently resides in Orlando, Florida.

This WWE superstar has one heck of a body. Such a beautiful face partnered with an incredibly burly figure is enough to force any man into submission. All of her years spent in training has done her ass an excellent job, plus her lovely boobs to spice up the flavor. She has a hot, muscular, and toned body, but it’s still feminine at some level. The highlight here is her face. She’s an Italian beauty gifted with the athletic ability she needs to dominate the pro-wrestling industry.