44 Sexy and Hot Sonoya Mizuno Pictures

She was born to a Japanese father and a half British, half Argentine mother. Mizuno explains that her parents met during the 1970s while her grandparents were diplomats stationed in Japan. Her date of birth is the 1st of July 1986. She spent her childhood years in England, United Kingdom, despite being born in the city of Tokyo. At age nine, she attended a dance school while intending to become an actress.

Ultimately, Mizuno would finish her studies from the Royal Ballet Academy. She performed with many ballet ensembles. She then jumped into the modeling industry at age 20. Mizuno became a model for many global brands, including Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, And Louis Vuitton. In 2014 Arthur Pita presented Mizuno on ‘The World’s Greatest Series, where she went back to her roots as a ballerina and performed Greenwich Dance and Royal Opera House.

Sonoya Mizuno made her full-fledged acting debut with the psychological sci-fiction thriller Ex Machina. The film starred her as Kyoko, a humanoid powered by AI technology. However, before rising to fame, she had already taken part in other films like Venus in Eros as a forest guard, Suzie in Alleycats, and High Strung, where she plays the role of Jazzy who is a dance student who partners with a violist friend to participate in a contest. The model also played a minor role in the Academy Award-winning movie La La Land as the roommate of Emma Stone’s character. In the Hollywood blockbuster hit Crazy Rich Asians, she was selected to give life to Araminta Lee. The romantic comedy is the movie’s interpretation of the novel of the same title that was written by Kevin Kwan. The film starred Mizuno as the heiress to a billion-dollar group of resorts.

Currently, Sonoya Mizuno is single. She wants to keep the public out of her personal affairs. She posts on social media sites, including Instagram, where the sexy model turned actress post images from both her daily and professional life. Mizuno is also no stranger to being cast in music videos. A few examples of her work are Frank Ocean’s Nikes and Wide Open by Beck and The Chemical Brothers.

She is now 31 years old and still has an excellent figure that she keeps fit by watching what she eats and working out. It no secret that she likes exercises that lift her boobs and ass, so her body appears younger and more healthy. Sonoya Mizuno’s sexiest pictures are available in the curated gallery, and they will lead you on a journey that ends with you falling in love with her.

The pictures are going to make you wonder whether this beautiful maven even exists. There are red-carpet videos, fashion cover shots, and some of her most eye-catching images that show off her boobs and ass accompanied by her sultry eyes and famous hourglass physique.

Sexy and Hot Sonoya Mizuno Pictures

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Sexy and Hot Sonoya Mizuno Photos
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