55 Sexy and Hot Sommer Ray Pictures in her Bikini

You may first know of Sommer Ray in 2013 from the multiple Vine videos she posted of her dancing and singing while driving with her mother. 

However, that was only the start of what will be an extraordinary career for this social media star. Before that, she first embarked in the fitness world when she was only 15 after her family moved to Colorado. Her father was Sommer Ray’s coach on all things like workouts, fitness, and bodybuilding. It’s not surprising for her to venture into the scene as both her parents are competitive bodybuilders as well. 

For only around a year, Sommer Ray worked to get the body she needs to be a bikini athlete. Her impressive figure with toned ass and boobs led her to go home with two titles from the NPC Colorado State Championship in 2015. She landed the Bikini Teen and Bikini Class D categories. 

That same year, Sommer Ray also attended the NPC USA Championship and later took home the 16th spot.

The following year, she ventured into the online world, especially on social media platforms by posting her videos and photos. With her stunning face and hot body, Sommer Ray became a famous internet personality shortly. Her Instagram follower reached 15 million, a milestone she commemorated with a twerk video she posted on the platform. 

In 2016, she received recognition from Sports Illustrated after she got selected as the Lovely Lady of the Day. 

Despite her popularity, Sommer Ray didn’t stop there. She shifted towards bikini modeling, completely altering her workouts and diet. After months of working on getting that ideal body, Sommer Ray later got offers to be a model for various swimwear companies such as Myokore. 

Sommer Ray also launched a YouTube channel where she posts entertaining videos from pranks and challenges to music videos. She also hosts content where she shares various workouts and her fitness routines. The social media star also appeared in Wild ‘N Out, a sketch comedy series on MTV. She also has her merchandise line you can find in her shopping website.

In 2017, Sommer Ray joined the popular and albeit controversial CloutGang, which is a group of YouTubers. She dated Max Ehrich, a model, and actor in The Young and the Restless. The rumor about their relationship started after the two got spotted in the premiere of Happy Death Day together.

Behind her popularity in the social media world, Sommer Ray also faced tons of controversy. Her sexy photos may have earned her millions of followers on Instagram, but it also got her some haters. Many of them slammed Sommer Ray for only posting pictures of her in skimpy outfits to gain some attention and for her to earn money.

Despite the hate, Sommer Ray’s social media career never waned. Check out some of the impressive photos that gained her millions of followers and even more likes and hearts.

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