43 Sexy and Hot Sombra Pictures

Sombra is one of the sexiest characters in the Overwatch Universe. She plays offensive, using stealth and weakening attacks to overwhelm the enemy, and give her team an upper hand. Her hacking abilities are useful for disrupting the movements of her opponents and turn the tides of war into her favor. In reality, Sombra is not just a sexy beast with tech skills at hand. If you look at it, there’s something more about Sombra than meets the eye.

After we give you an overview of Sombra’s back story, we’ll proceed to the gallery of her hottest photos on the internet. Have you seen this hot chick wear a bikini? Welcome to the collection of the most alluring images of Olivia Colomar, or better known as Sombra, the tech hottie from the game Overwatch.

Sombra is one of the best hackers in the Overwatch Universe. She uses stolen data to get a grip on those in power.

Sombra is a survivor of the Omnic Crisis, just like the thousands of children orphaned by the same tragedy. She survived by making use of her natural gifts, like hacking. For this, she was taken by Los Muertos gang as one of their own, aiding them in their revolutionary conquest to overthrow the Mexican government. The Los Muertos believed that when Mexico got rebuilt, it was for the benefit of the wealthy, and not for the poor. Her conquest continues. Sombra’s confidence in her skills rose to the roof, making her a ruthless predator. But the unexpected came when she got caught in the middle of a global conspiracy. There’s one thing about hackers; if you can see them, then chances are they can see you too. With her security compromised and irreparable, she had no choice but to go hiding.

After a while, she reappeared; Sombra, fully equipped, trained, and determined to uncover the conspiracy she discovered way back. As she launched a more daring series of attacks, she gained admirers, including a criminal organization named Talon. She became one of their ranks, and rumor has it that she’s responsible for the enormous cyberattacks against the government and the corporations tied to it.

With Talon’s unlimited resources at her disposal, Sombra can effectively focus on what she has set in her mind: to discover the conspiracy she found years ago, and use it to her advantage.

If you’ve played her for a while, then you have an idea of how foxy Sombra is. Her in-game skins hide her nice ass and perky boobs, a product of her tough childhood and highly-active lifestyle. She may be one of the evil ladies out there in the Overwatch Universe, but for people that have a taste for bad girls, Sombra is for you. I now present you her best photos; the sexiest, hottest, and prettiest ones.

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