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Named as one of the most beautiful women in the world, Sherilyn Fenn is best known for her alluring gaze and jaw-dropping body. She typically plays as a sexy and pretty woman, both film and TV.

Sheryl Ann Fenn was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1965. Her family came from a rich ancestry of Italian, Irish, French, and Hungarian descent. Both of her parents are musicians. Her mother, Arlene Quatro is a keyboard player, while her father Leo Fenn, managed rock bands.

During her teenage years, Fenn decided to drop out of school to pursue acting. She then decided to enroll at Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in Los Angeles.

Fenn began her career as an actress by starring in low-budgeted films. She made her film debut in a comedy-drama film The Wild Life in 1984 as Penny Harlin. She also starred in other 1980s films, including Just One of the Guys, Thrashin’, and Zombie High.

In 1988, Fenn starred on her first lead role in the erotic drama film Two Moon Junction. Four years later, she got her breakthrough in the film adaptation of Of Mice and Men in 1992. She played the role of a country wife, a complete opposite of what she typically plays.

Since then, Fenn appeared in several films, such as Just Write, Novel Romance, and Treasure Raiders.

Aside from her film work, Fenn became a TV star actress. Since the 1980s, Fenn appeared in several shows, including TV films. She made her debut in the 1984 TV drama film Silence of the Heart as Monica.

In 1990, Fenn got her big break at the horror series Twin Peaks. She portrayed the role of Audrey Horne, a hot high school student. Her performance garnered two nominations at the Golden Globe and Emmy Awards as Best Supporting Actress.

In the early 2000s, Fenn’s acting career took a downturn. Her small-screen appearances mainly consisted of minor roles. However, she appeared as a guest star in hit TV series, like Gilmore Girls, Law & Order, House M.D., and Criminal Minds.

Apart from acting, Fenn was also a cover girl of several magazines, including Entertainment Weekly, Harper’s Bazaar, and Rolling Stone. In 1990, Fenn fearlessly showed off her hot body, including her ass and boobs in a nude photoshoot with Playboy.

Fenn is also known for exposing her body in two-piece bikinis. She has a busty frame that matches her porcelain skin.

When it comes to her personal life, Fenn briefly dated American singer Prince in 1985. She also had a long-term relationship with Hollywood star Johnny Depp. In 1994, she married Toulouse Holliday, whom she met on Three of Hearts. Fenn is currently living with her partner Dylan Stewart and two sons Myles and Christian. Get ready and feast your eyes on Sherilyn Fenn’s stunning photos.

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