40 Sexy and Hot Shannon Woodward Pictures

Shannon Woodward is no stranger to television; in fact, the majority of her career was in the industry itself. But such a focus doesn’t mean that she’d have to give up other hustles. The roof is in the pudding right? Check out the amazing set of Sexy and Hot Shannon Woodward Pictures we have put together below.

Shannon is known for her notable portrayal in the HBO science-fiction series Westworld (2016), where she played as Elsie Hughes, the tenacious and sometimes impulsive host programmer. 

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Born as Shannon Marie Woodwards, this fair lady came to the world on December 17, 1984. Her family originally lived in Phoenix, Arizona, but they decided to relocate to Florida, where she attended a local community high school. When Shannon Woodward began her acting career, a Nickelodeon casting director chose her as an ideal cast for Clarissa Explains It All. She met her best friend, Katy Perry when she was 18 years old. In 2007, Shanon got her most significant opportunity: to be one of the cast of The Riches (2007-2008), where she played as Di Di Malloy, a teenage daughter in an American family. Shannon Woodward got to play Leah in the movie The Haunting of Molly Hartley (2008) sometime before The Riches ended.

Shannon Woodward returned to the T.V. series in the pilot episode of Limelight (2009). The story did not get a follow-up, though, sadly. In 2010, she played a role in the independent film Girlfriend (2010). From then on, her career in the acting industry has been consistent, from The Breakup Girl (2015), the All Nighter (2017),  and her best-known T.V. series portrayal: Elsie Hughes from Westworld (2016). Back in 2017, a game announcement said that Shannon Woodward would appear in the much-awaited sequel, The Last of Us Part II. She’ll be providing the motion capture for Dina, one of Ellie’s love interest.

We have now looked at her portfolio. Let us now proceed to her “second portfolio”: her body. Shannon Woodward can be as attractive as she can be while having a rocking body capable of smiting any attracted man. She’s got curves, boobs, ass, and a pretty face. All of these form a beautiful human being capable of great acting feats. That’s why at any given point in time, you’ll need a Shannon Woodwards in your life. She’s the perfect package to make your world a little bit brighter.

Sexy and Hot Shannon Woodward Pictures