46 Sexy and Hot Serena Williams Pictures

Welcome to our gallery of Sexy and Hot Serena Williams Pictures! If you’re a fan of professional tennis, then you’ve probably heard of the legendary tennis player with that firm, muscular, but sexy body. She has been dominating Women’s Tennis Association as the rank one for eight different times.

Serena is a beautiful and robust symbol of femininity, and she has paved the way for women in sports. She is none other than Serena Williams. Here you will see the collection of her best and sexiest photos, ranging from hot bikini-clad Serena to sophisticated and elegantly-dressed Serena. This curated photo gallery of hers will undoubtedly dominate you in the most delightful way possible.

Serena Williams is known to be the best female tennis player under any circumstances. Born on September 26, 1981, in Saginaw, Michigan, Serena Jameka Williams is the youngest of five, all-female siblings. She and her sisters are on the path to being the greatest tennis champions ever.

Her family intentionally relocated Serena and her siblings in Compton because they wanted to expose them to the ugly realities of life if they didn’t take training and education seriously. Compton may be famous for its chaotic environment and gang-related activities, but this cesspool of crime and violence is also one of the best places to train and breed champions.

She is now married to the co-founder and executive chairman of Reddit. She is also the mother of the lovely Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.

By 1991, Serena Williams ranked first in the 10-below division. With her astonishing 46 – 3 record, her father sensed that her girls might need better guidance from successful professionals, so Richard (Selena’s father) relocated his family again – this time to Florida.

From then on, he tuned down his coaching responsibilities in fear of his daughters’ imminent burnout, reverting to the junior tournament schedules to let them have a little bit of a breather. 

Since she turned professional in 1995, she racked up a tremendous amount of accomplishments. With over a net worth of 180 million dollars, these are just some of her few achievements :

Grand Slam Single Wins:

  • Australian Open (7 times)
  • French Open (3 times
  • Wimbledon (7 times)
  • US Open (6 times)

Grand Slam Doubles Wins

  • Australian Open (4 times)
  • French Open (2 times)
  • Wimbledon (6 times)
  • US Open (2 times)

Selene is undoubtedly an incredible female wonder that has firmly planted her feet in the books of history. She’s also one beautiful specimen; the human body at peak performance.

Her lifetime in professional tennis has made her body incredibly fit and sexy. Her vital statistics are 40”x30”x44”; an athletic built in an hourglass figure.

Her bikini photos are a sight for sore eyes, considering how firm her ass is and how perky her boobs are. She is a goddess, form of strength, femininity, and competence. 

Sexy and Hot Serena Williams Pictures