54 Sexy and Hot Scarlett Johansson Pictures

Scarlett Johansson is not only hot; she is smoldering. And she remains to be one of the sultriest actresses to have ever graced the big screen. Most consider her a temptress not just for her looks, but because of how she moves and dazzles her audiences. After decades in the industry, fans and critics alike, consider her as one of the most glamorous and talented actresses in the world.

Before she dived into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Black Widow, let’s not forget her work with outstanding filmmakers like Woody Allen, Spike Jonze, and Sofia Coppola, among others. And although she is widely known for her action-packed roles in The Avengers or Lucy, she has also never shied away from bombshell roles that required her to bare her gorgeous body on-screen.

One of the sexiest roles she has ever starred in is her role as Cristina in the Woody Allen flick ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona.’ Here, her bombshell looks definitely up the movie’s sex appeal. There are several remarkably steamy scenes in the film, including a passionate lovemaking scene between her and Javier Barden, and that iconic kiss she shared with actress Penelope Cruz.

In the 1930s period film ‘A Good Woman,’ Scarlett Johansson plays Meg Windermere, a newlywed woman, who suspects that her husband is having an affair. What’s striking about Scarlett here is her glamourous vibe, and how she translates her modern sexiness to showcase a more old-school, yet still alluring and provocative demeanor. In many instances, the film emphasizes just how delightfully curvaceous her body is, even without exposing too much skin.

In her 2006 movie, ‘Scoop,’ Scarlett plays the role of an innocent, awkward yet beautiful American journalist, Sondra Pransky. Despite her seemingly naive character, the movie is by no means mild-mannered. This romantic-murder mystery film shows Sondra falling in love with an alleged serial killer played by Hugh Jackman.

More than the intriguing plot, what’s most memorable, especially to Scarlett’s fans, is the scene where she dons a red one-piece swimsuit. For a good three minutes or so, Scarlett teases the audience (and Jackman), offering a glimpse of her perfect body underneath all the spandex. Here she proves how wearing a bikini isn’t necessary to raise the heat. 

In the 2009 movie ‘He Just Not That Into You,’ where she co-stars with other equally amazing actors and actresses, she steals some of the scenes as she plays opposite Bradley Cooper. Ben (Cooper) and Anna (Johansson) get into an affair after the seemingly sweet Anna flirts and seduces the unhappily married Ben. In one of their scenes together, she did not disappoint when she jumped into the pool naked.

There is also a passionate make-out scene where Ben gropes both Anna’s plump boobs and ass. Despite all the talk about her oozing sex appeal and gorgeous body, there is also no denying that ScarJo, as fans often call her, is a rightful Hollywood superstar.

In the past years, she has proven her full range as an actress by playing several exciting roles — some provocative, some alluring, some sweet, some empowering, and some just downright sexy. These films are proof that Scarlett Johansson is a woman who isn’t afraid to become anyone she wants on that big screen.

Sexy and Hot Scarlett Johansson Pictures

Sexy and Hot Scarlett Johansson Pictures
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