51 Sexy and Hot Sarah Silverman Pictures

Sarah Silverman is one of the most recognizable female comics in Hollywood today. Our compilation of Sexy and Hot Sarah Silverman Pictures will show that she is also a gorgeous woman.

Like most comics, she started doing stand-up comedy gigs around Manhattan. In one of those performances, a scout for the popular show Saturday Night Live hired her as a writer.

Though the management fired her after a short 18 weeks due to her then nonconformist jokes, Sarah Silverman did not let the apparent failure bring her down. The sexy comedian used this obstacle as a stepping stone and later appeared in other comedy series like The Larry Sanders Show.

In 2007, she had her TV sitcom titled The Sarah Silverman Program, which ran for three seasons. The show received praise from critics and even got a nomination for its non-conventional depiction of a gay couple. The actress also got an Emmy Award nomination for her performance.

Aside from comedy sitcoms, though, this hot celebrity has appeared in numerous films and TV series to highlight her acting chops. Some of the most popular titles are Take This Waltz, I Smile Back, Ashby, The Book of Henry, The Good Wife, and Masters of Sex. She has also lent her unique voice to various animated characters. The most well-known one is probably the lovable princess Vanellope von Schweetz in Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph and its sequel.

In the movie Take This Waltz with actress Michelle Williams, she had no qualms baring it all for a shower scene. Sarah Silverman did not just wear a bikini on the set; she showed everything, including her pubes and ass, along with some other women. Since Hollywood nude scenes are almost always sexual, this kind of companionable nudity is both jarring and refreshing.

This fierce woman is not afraid to make jokes on any topic, regardless if those matters are taboo or controversial. And we admit that her satirical humor is part of her charm, too! Her sketches cover a wide range of themes, such as racism, politics, religion, and sexism. Sarah Silverman uses her voice to speak up against racial bias and support social justice.

In 2019, she once again made headlines for posting topless photos on her social media platforms. While the original photo got taken down by Instagram, the actress responded with several pictures to illustrate her point on double standards for men and women.

Sarah Silverman received an outpouring of support from fellow actresses and fans. When she posted the same photo showing her glorious boobs on Twitter, the microblogging service thankfully did not delete it.

Sarah Silverman had a string of high-profile relationships with the likes of TV host Jimmy Kimmel and actor Michael Sheen. She is currently single. We look forward to seeing more of this funny woman on the silver and small screens.

Sexy and Hot Sarah Silverman Pictures

Sexy and Hot Sarah Silverman Pictures
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