46 Sexy and Hot Sarah Shahi Pictures

At 40 years old, Sarah Shahi still possesses a youthful glow, exceptionally since she maintained her slim and sexy figure throughout the years. Ranked by various big-name magazines as one of the hottest personalities in three consecutive years, from 2005 to 2007, it’s easy to say that Sarah Shahi has an undeniably impressive ass and boobs. Her remarkable figure even led her to be Covergirl in the 2000 bikini calendar for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

Born in 1980 in Euless, Texas, the actress’s real name is Aahoo Jahansouz Shahi. It is reminiscent of the family’s long Persian ancestry. She comes from the Qajar Dynasty and a great-great-granddaughter of the former ruler of Iran.

Aahoo is a beautiful name, which means gazelle in Persian, one befitting the beauty and charm of Sarah Shahi. However, her unusual name in the US became a constant subject of torment from other kids in school. That led the actress to adopt the name “Sarah,” which she heard from a song when she was still young.

Before pursuing a career in show business, Sarah Shahi first entered the pageant scene when she was still eight years old. In 1997, she got the crown during the Miss Fort Worth competition. With her hopes for a career in show business, the actress decided to join the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. It was a great stepping stone for Sarah Shahi, despite not having any experience joining a cheering squad before.

In 2000, Sarah Shahi relocated to Los Angeles. It came after encouragement from the director Robert Altman, whom she met in Texas in Dr. T and the Women set. 

Shortly after moving to Hollywood, Sarah Shahi started to get acting projects that would soon propel her name into fame. Her early appearance was in several TV shows, such as Supernatural, Reba, Dawson’s Creek, and Alias.

In 2005, Sarah Shahi joined the cast of The L Word for its second season. She worked in the show until its fourth season. 

Two years later, the actress appeared in the second season of the HBO hit series The Sopranos, followed by another appearance in Kennedy and Heidi. That same year, Sarah Shahi also landed a minor role in the movie Rush Hour 3. Also, in 2007, the actress got her first-ever consistent female lead part in the NBC TV show Life. She played the character of a homicide detective for the show, which aired for two whole seasons.

Late in 2009, Sarah Shahi landed another lead role for the series Facing Kate, with the title changed to Fairly Legal later on. She played as Kate Reed in the show that lasted for two seasons, ending in 2012. That year, the actress joined the cast of Chicago Fire, Person of Interest, and Relevance. 

Sarah Shahi also worked with Sylvester Stallone in the action movie Bullet of the Head in 2013. She also continued to work on Person of Interest until 2015 when she got pregnant, then later returned to her part after giving birth.

Overall, Sarah Shahi is not only a hot persona on Maxim and FHM magazines, but she’s also a star on the TV and the film scenes.

Sexy and Hot Sarah Shahi Pictures