40 Sexy and Hot Sarah Jessica Parker Pictures

You do not have to stare at Jessica Parker’s sexy picture’s all day to know who she is. If you know that famous TV series, Sex and the City, you probably know her or recognize her already. Find out more about her as you browse through her photos. Learn what makes the Jessica Parker today.

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the eight children of her parents and their relationships. Her mother’s name is Barbara, while her father’s name is Stephen.

Seeing those smiles on her hot photos, you would not know that her parents divorced when she was only less than four years old. Her mom married Paul Forste. 

Parker has German and English roots. She admitted that her parents did not raise her to be religious but admitted that she could identify with her father’s religion, which was Judaism.

Even though you see in her bikini photos as a successful actress and fashion designer, you would not think that this girl struggled as a child. She revealed that because of her large family, her parents struggled to make ends meet. There were times that they had to endure living without electricity, birthdays, or Christmas.

Despite the circumstances, Parker remained positive by saying that she would not trade those experiences for anything.

Parker’s mom wanted her children to live abundant lives, which is why she enrolled Parker and her siblings in free institutions that teach theater and ballet. For her to become well-trained, her family had to move to New York. 

From New York, her family moved from places to places until they reached New Jersey, where Parker went to Dwight Morrow High School. She also went to the School of American Ballet, Professional Children’s School, School for Creative and Performing Arts, and Hollywood High School.

When Parker became the featured celebrity for the first episode of the first season of Who Do You Think You Are, Parker learned more about her ancestry. She found out that her roots were involved in a Gold Rush and Salem Witch Trials.

She had been in a long-term relationship with Robert Downey Jr. until 1991 for almost seven years. However, Downey’s drug addiction affected their relationship that caused it to end.

On the brighter side, Parker married Matthew Broderick in 1997. They are still together until now. 

From her difficult living as a child, Parker busted her ass to get into where she is now. She took on a few roles, which started in a Broadway musical. Parker also appeared in films like Footloose. Her most prominent role was as Carrie Bradshaw in the TV series, Sex and the City, where she received several awards and nominations.

With the boobs she has, you know that she deserves to be a part of Sex and the City, but what got her that role was her talent and skills.