42 Sexy and Hot Sarah Chalke Pictures

Sarah Chalke is a sexy and very witty Canadian actress that has been gracing the television and the big screen for years. She’s been in show business since she was a child, and at 43 years old, the actress still possesses a youthful beauty unlike any other.

Although Sarah Chalke was born in Ontario, she grew up in British Columbia. Although English is her primary language, she speaks different languages impressively as well, such as German and French.

Sarah Chalke already started performing at the young age of eight. The kid actress began to take part in several musical theater productions. At 12 years old, the young Sarah Chalke shifted into the TV scene when she landed a part in KidZone. There, she became a reporter for the children’s show in Canada.

In 1993, the Canadian actress assumed the role that Lecy Goranson left in the series Roseanne, where she played Rebecca Conner-Healy. In 1995, Goranson went back to resume playing the character, and Sarah Chalke remains in the series portraying a different role. She then later assumed Goranson’s part in the series for the second time.

When the show ended in 1998, Sarah Chalke went back to Canada to star in Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy, a TV drama in CBC.

The Canadian actress’s career on TV continued when she joined the cast of Scrubs, where she played the character of Dr. Elliot Reid. Over the years, Sarah Chalke landed parts in different feature movies, such as Cake and Ernest Goes to School.

In 2007, the actress played the supporting character in the Chaos Theory then followed with signing as a brand ambassador for Hanes the following year, which involved a series of TV commercials.

Also, in 2008, Sarah Chalke made an appearance as Stella Zinman in How I Met Your Mother, a sitcom on CBS. She had a recurring role until 2009.

Two years later, the Canadian actress starred in another TV series on CBS, Mad Love. Fortunately, Sarah Chalke’s career wasn’t. She joined the cast of Cougar Town for the third season.

In 2013, the actress again starred in ABC’s short-lived series How to Live with Your Parents. In 2018, Sarah Chalke joined the original cast or the Roseanne revival, although she portrayed a different role than before.

Sarah Chalke has been a hot persona on TV and film for years. Her recent appearances on television include Backstrom, Angie Tribeca, and lent her voice in Milo Murphy’s Law. She also appeared in a couple of films in past years, including After the Reality and Mother’s Day. 

Sarah Chalke is currently engaged and a mother of two. However, if you look at her bikini photos, she’s still got an impressive ass and boobs, showing her figure only got better with time.

Sexy and Hot Sarah Chalke Pictures