49 Sexy and Hot Sarah Carter Pictures in her Bikini

This sexy Canadian actress has been in the industry for 20 years, and Sarah Carter does not plan on stopping anytime soon. The lovely celebrity has built such an impressive resume that we are positive you have seen her in a show or two. Let us find out some of her most famous works.

Born and raised in Canada, the celebrity is the first to join the entertainment industry in her family. Like most of the actresses in Hollywood, Sarah Carter developed a passion for the performing arts at a young age. 

Throughout her primary and secondary education, the talented star took part in school plays. Her dancing skills landed her in the famed Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the country’s oldest ballet company. Apart from dancing, Sarah Carter polished her oratory skills on the debate team, competing in various competitions in Austria, Argentina, and England.

The brilliant actress studied in Neuchâtel Junior College and Ryerson Theatre School to further polish her skills. She first appeared on Cold Squad, a Canadian procedural drama. In the next year, Sarah Carter bagged a leading role in the live-action children’s show, Los Luchadores.

She then had guest appearances in other TV shows like Wolf Lake, Dark Angel, Undeclared, and The Sausage Factory. The hot celebrity had another central part in the action-adventure series, Black Sash. However, only six episodes aired on the network, and critics dubbed the show a failure.

One of her most notable performances is Alicia Baker on the action-drama series Smallville. Though she only appeared in a few episodes in the third season, this exposure helped her gain more prominence. Thus, Sarah Carter bagged another regular part of the legal drama, Shark. The show, starring James Woods, ran for two seasons.

In 2011, the blonde bombshell secured a leading role in the post-apocalyptic program, Falling Skies. The series received positive feedback and had several awards and nominations throughout its five-season run. Sarah Carter proved she can portray tough female characters and still look good while kicking ass.

Her most recent work on television was on the fifth season of the superhero series, The Flash. Though less impressive, Sarah Carter has participated in several movies on the big screen. The mainstream titles include Final Destination 2, Killing Zelda Sparks, Red Mist, and The Vow.

The stunning blonde has been married to Kevin Barth since 2014, and they have one child. Even after childbirth, Sarah Carter has maintained her full figure and generous boobs. With an estimated net worth of 3 million dollars, this talented woman has made a name for herself, especially in her country. Feel free to check out our collection of bikini photos of this lovely female star.

Sexy and Hot Sarah Carter Pictures