50 Sexy and Hot Samus Pictures

The sexy character of Samus Aran is famous for gamers. Aside from being the protagonist of the cult classic Metroid franchise, Samus also became an icon, being the first female to become the lead for a video game. We will dive into the sexy side of this character, with a complete selection of Sexy and Hot Samus Pictures.

Nintendo published the original Metroid video game in the year 1986. The action-adventure project also served as the debut appearance of Samus, which will forever go down in the history of gaming.

Covering her hot body is an exoskeleton that is capable of boosting Samus’ abilities. Her suit also has weapons equipped, and some of her most recognized ones would be her arm cannon and a wide variety of missiles.

Samus has previously joined the ranks of the Galactic Federation. She then left to become a mercenary to earn by carrying out tasks, including killing and destruction. In the video game franchise, Samus faces Ridley, as well as the monsters called Metroids.

Being the main protagonist of the franchise, Samus appeared in every installment there is. Video game enthusiasts and even newer ones still never fail to recognize Samus, making her one of the best icons in video game history.

Samus’ identity is anonymous because of her Power Suit, but her gender reveals whenever she takes it off. Most of the time, it occurs in cut scenes, several game levels, as well as after finishing the game.

Aside from her famous exoskeleton, Samus is also known for wearing a Zero Suit. In this type of gear, her curves get a reveal, and her bikini body is undeniably stunning. Samus’ Zero suit first made an appearance in the GameBoy Advance video game, Metroid: Zero Mission.

Samus’ origins got finally explored with the release of an e-manga. She was born in K-2L, an Earth colony that mostly focuses on mining. Her sworn enemy, Ridley, planned an attack on the settlement, which resulted in a massacre that includes both parents of Samus.

Without any guardians left, she ended up on the planet Zebes. Here, she grew up together with the Chozo race, who adopted her, and are responsible for bestowing her a Chozo DNA.

The augmentation leads to Samus getting superhuman features and abilities. To ensure that she uses them in their full potential, the Chozo decided to train her further.

Afterward, the origin of the Power Suit has also got a reveal. It was given to Samus by the Chozo when she finished her training.

Samus left Zebes and embarked on a journey to join the Galactic Federation. After her admission, she immediately left because her views don’t align with her commanding officer.

As seen in the video game, Samus started accepting assignments that are mostly from the Galactic Federation. If the price is right and if it falls under her judgment, Samus will gladly accept.

As a video game character, Samus did age well. You can appreciate her more through our collection, and as a bonus, you’ll have the best look at her ass and boobs.

Sexy and Hot Samus Pictures