52 Sexy and Hot Rose Byrne Pictures

This sexy Australian actress has been acting for almost three decades; however, Rose Byrne has only been in the Hollywood scene since 2002. For the first eight years, the brunette focused on acting in national films and television. She has an impressive list of shows to her name, including the award-winning 2000 film My Mother Frank.

The natural brunette had a close-knit relationship with her family while growing up. None of them were in the entertainment industry, and Rose Byrne credits them for keeping her grounded, even as she became more famous. Though she took up acting at a young age, the actress experienced rejection from several big drama schools. Instead, she took up arts at the University of Sydney and later studied at the Atlantic Theater Company.

Her first appearance on a Hollywood movie was beside Natalie Portman on Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. Playing Dorme the handmaiden to Senator Padme Amidala, the hot actress later joked that her role only required her to look serious besides the lead character. 

A string of Hollywood films in various genres followed until she successfully auditioned for Damages, a legal thriller starring Glenn Close. The whole series received critical acclaim, and Rose Byrne even got two nominations for her work as a supporting actress. 

Some of the box-office hits that further gave her prominence are the historical epic Troy and the apocalyptic thriller 28 Weeks Later. Wanting to take a break from serious roles, Rose Byrne decided to delve into comedy. Contrary to the directors’ impression of her then, the beautiful brunette has great comedic chops. Her works include Get Him to the Greek, Bridesmaids, The Internship, Spy, and The Meddler.

The talented celebrity claims she was much more reserved when she was a child, but there are now no traces of shyness in any of Rose Byrne’s characters. When she played Briseis on Troy, the actress had to go nude and show off her ass when she performed a passionate love scene with Brad Pitt’s Achilles. She had also gone topless on magazine photoshoots, holding on to her boobs as she gives a sultry stare to the camera.

Whether it be luck or strategic choice, Rose Byrne has participated in profitable movie franchises. She started with an appearance in three Insidious horror films, followed by CIA agent Moira MacTaggert in the X-Men film series, then in both Neighbors movies.

Rose Byrne has a reported net worth of 16 million, and this amount is sure to blow up with the success of her future shows. She has a long-term relationship with American actor Bobby Cannavale, and they have two children. Recently, fans found the lovely couple enjoying a day on the beach, with the stunning actress flaunting her bikini body.