47 Sexy and Hot Rosa Salazar Pictures

Rosa Salazar is not your average woman. She’s immensely sexy with a bit of a funky persona, and you may know her from the starring role in Alita: Battle Angel.

The Canadian actress, at 34 years old, has been gracing the show business with her impeccable acting talent for years.

However, before she found her passion in the entertainment industry, she was a bit lost. At 15 years old, she left her parents to live on her own. Rosa Salazar worked as a waitress to support herself and almost didn’t go to school.

After graduation, she spent a couple of years wandering around the US looking for what would be her craft. After watching the movie, I Heart Huckabees, and it was then that Rosa Salazar began to dream of being an actress.  

Later, the actress moved to New York and soon joined the popular humor website CollegeHumor while also attending drama classes. After working odd jobs to support herself and her drama classes, Rosa Salazar chased her acting dreams to Los Angeles.

After her move, the entertainment industry was kind enough to the actress. She landed a small role in the comedy series Parenthood shortly. That proved to be a good start as that little part earned her contract extensions to three more episodes and then to eighteen more.

Following that, Rosa Salazar also got another small role on the series Law & Order: Los Angeles. What came after for the actress is a more significant part in season one of American Horror Story, which significantly jumpstarted her acting career.

Rosa Salazar’s acting skills shortly became a hot commodity for both the TV and the movie scenes. In 2012, she started appearing in several television shows, including Ben and Kate, Nuclear Family, Body of Proof, Boomerang, Hello Ladies, Sketches, Car-Jumper, and Stevie TV. 

She also got a role for the film Looper: Baldness Anxiety and Fortunate Son during the same year, followed by a part in Plan B and Epic the following year. In 2014, she was also in Search Party, and Jamesy Boy, among others. 

However, it wasn’t the height of the career of the actress. Her most successful TV and movie appearances were ahead.

Rosa Salazar landed considerable roles in different movies. She played as Lyn in the box office The Divergent Series: Insurgent and Brenda in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials. The actress also appeared in several TV shows the same year, such as Tim and Eric’s Bedtime stories and Hunt the Truth.

That same year, Rosa Salazar also got the starring role to play as Madeline in the movie Night Owls. Although she’s quickly become one of the pretty faces in Hollywood, Rosa Salazar is more than just ass and boobs. Her success in the acting scene is proof of that.

In the following years, Rosa Salazar’s TV and movie appearances continued until she got another lead role for the movie Alita: Battle Angel, which brought her immense success and praise.

Meanwhile, check out these Rosa Salazar bikini photos showing her badass and funky figure.

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