60 Sexy and Hot Rita Hayworth Pictures

Hollywood film starlet Rita Hayworth is mainly remembered in productions from the 1930s and 1940s and for her unparalleled explosive sexual prowess. She was given the name Margarita Carmen Cansino when she was born in Brooklyn, New York, on the 17th of October, 1918. Both of her parents were performers, her mother being a Ziegfeld Follies girl while her father was a dancer.

Rita would start her career as a professional dancer at 12 years old. Her family would soon move to the city of Los Angeles in the state of California in hopes of better job opportunities. The sex icon was only 16 when she started performing at clubs; sometimes, she would join her parents in their act. During her performance in a nightclub, she was scouted by a producer from the Fox Film Company. 

A contract was immediately made, and Rita was already set to appear in a series of films. She debuted under the name Rita Cansino but would later change it to Rita Hayworth upon her first husband’s suggestion. The films she made under her original name were Human Cargo, Dante’s Inferno, Charlie Chan in Egypt, Meet Nero Wolfe, and her debut movie Under The Pampas Moon.

Her first husband was 22 years older than her and played the role of her manager; Rita had trusted her husband’s vision and followed his every suggestion. Rita would die her locks in the brilliant auburn shade as per her husband’s idea. This change would lead to securing a contract from the film giant Columbia Pictures. 

The movie Only Angels Have Wings, catapulted Hayworth into being recognized as an international star. Rita Hayworth embraced her popularity men and was not shy of parading in a bikini around the set. It was due to her sexy body and seductive looks she was given the nickname “The American Love Goddess’ by Life magazine. It was a through a shoot done through the same magazine featuring her only wearing a pinup suit with boobs and ass visible that would immortalize Rita as the sex symbol of her generation.

However, it was the noir film, Gilda, that fans would characterize as her most defining role. The temptress would capture the hearts of those who watched the movie.

Being the seductress she is, Rita would have a total of five marriages in her lifetime. Hayworth famously got married to Prince Aly Khan of the Ismaili Muslims.

Her last marriage was to James Hill, who worked as a film producer. Rita Hayworth passed away in a loft she shares with her daughter in New York, New York, on the 14th of May 1987.

The curated gallery contains pictures of her during her prime. Images of her sexy photo shoots, red carpets, film stills, and more are available. By viewing these pictures, you will understand why she is known as her generation’s hottest woman.

Sexy and Hot Rita Hayworth Pictures

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