48 Sexy and Hot Rias Gremory Pictures

Rias Gremory possesses the beauty and body of an unforgettable woman. She’s well-known for her blue eyes, white skin, and fiery red hair. This beautiful young woman is someone that lets people’s head turn when she walks around. 

However, her goddess-like beauty may not be as innocent as you may think. 

Rias Gremory is a famous character from the light novel High School DxD. It is a supernatural action anime written by Ichiei Ishibumi.

Rias Gremory is a main female character in the series. Her immense beauty is from the powerful and prestigious devil clan of Gremory.

She’s in her late teenage years, a third-year student. Aside from her crimson hair, Rias Gremory is well-known in her high school for her buxom figure with ample ass and boobs. She’s the number one beauty at the Kuoh Academy, where she goes to school. 

As an heiress of a prestigious clan, Rias Gremory has an aura of majesty in her. The majestic way in which she projects herself gains her respect and awe from many people. Her usual attire is her high school uniform. Although Rias Gremory has healthy eyesight, you can also sometimes see her donning a pair of glasses. 

In her devil form, the beauty doesn’t have any significant changes in appearance. The only notable difference would be the bat-like wings that appear when she’s in her destruction mode. There is also a red aura that surrounds her when her power gets activated, and her sexy figure is even more noticeable.

With her force of destruction, Rias Gremory can produce immense energy that can disintegrate anything in an instant. However, some of her opponents can still protect themselves from this. Later, Rias Gremory created a One-Hit move where she combines black magic and her destruction power, which can surpass even the Rating Game’s Retiring System. 

Rias Gremory possesses a variety of energy thanks to her prominent devil clan. She has endurance and strength that exceeds that of humans along with enhanced senses. Rias Gremory is also proficient in talking with any responsive being and has flight and summoning powers as well.

Aside from these powers she got from her race, Rias Gremory is also an expert in using drain magic, healing, and teleportation magic.  

Although Rias Gremory is a devil, she is not overly strict, especially to other members of her clan and even her servants. This beauty will mostly do everything to protect those around her. However, when it comes to Issei, her servant, and underling whom she revived, Rias Gremory quickly turns into a jealous and whiney girl when she sees him with other girls. 

As a devil herself, Rias Gremory has intense powers of a real femme fatal. She’s also one of the most unforgettable female characters in the world of anime. Rias Gremory also has one of the enormous breasts in the series, after Akeno. You’ll only have to look at her sexy bikini photos to find out how a real goddess of ruin looks.