40 Sexy and Hot Rebecca de Mornay Pictures

Rebecca De Mornay is one of the multitalented actresses in Hollywood. If you are a movie enthusiast, you will never forget her gripping performance in “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.” This 1992 psychological thriller film is among Rebecca’s most commercially successful motion picture projects. She portrayed the riveting character of Peyton Flanders, who made the audiences glued to their seats until the end of the movie. If you are curious about Rebecca and want to know more about her, then, we are glad to tell you that this article is about the versatile actress-producer. Also, we want you to feel excited as we bring you Rebecca’s sexy images. Yes, at the end of this article, you will find hot visual treats featuring the gorgeous celebrity and her bikini-perfect body. We know that you will surely love gazing at her curvaceous boobs and foxy, white ass shortly. But first, let us discover some tidbits about this 5’5 1/2″ tall beauty.

Rebecca’s original surname is Pearch, and she has the middle name, Jane. This Hollywood stunner’s birth date is August 29, 1959, which makes her zodiac sign Virgo. Rebecca’s birthplace is Santa Rosa, California, which makes her a citizen of the United States. Her family, including her parents Julie and Wally George, worked in the entertainment industry. Her Dad was a disc jockey. Then, Mr. George later worked as a TV host. Eugenia Clinchard is Rebecca’s paternal grandmother. When Eugenia was a child, she worked as a movie actress. Then, she also embarked on her entertainment career as a vaudeville performer.

Rebecca entered the entertainment business in 1981. She took on various roles that exhibited her outstanding versatility as an on-screen performer. Rebecca debuted in the movie industry as a cast of “One from the Heart,” which acclaimed filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola directed. Then, she appeared in “Risky Business” as a call girl. This character seduces a high school student, which Hollywood A-list actor Tom Cruise played. Rebecca collaborated with Kurt Russell, too, who is another popular Hollywood actor. He played as his wife in the 1991 drama thriller motion picture “Backdraft.”

Furthermore, besides the blockbuster “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle,” Rebecca portrayed the role of a defense lawyer in “Guilty as Sin.” In this 1993 murder-drama motion picture, she starred alongside Hollywood movie star Don Johnson. Famous film actor Antonio Banderas also worked with the exemplary actress in the 1995 drama movie “Never Talk to Strangers.” Rebecca also served as the executive producer of this motion picture project. She played as the mother of Finch in the 2012 comedy film “American Reunion.” In this motion picture project, Rebecca also portrayed the role of a tempting older lady, as well as a love interest or object of the infatuation of the character named Stifler. As you can see, Rebecca is capable of playing varied roles in her film projects. Also, for three decades beginning in 1986, she demonstrated her acting prowess in various well-known TV series and films made for TV. The titles in her portfolio consist of “ER,” “Boomtown,” “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit,” “Hawaii Five-0,” “John From Cincinnati,” and “The Shining,” among many others. Besides Rebecca’s unforgettable and dazzling performances in Hollywood, you can also find her as a head-turner. This certified blonde-haired and blue-eyed beauty has her vital statistics listed online as 36-26-36 inches. She is sexy with her body fitting dresses with the size of six. This hot Momma-of-two has a seductively slim physique, and throughout her entire Hollywood stint, she never failed to make famous men attracted to her. The Mom of Sophia and Veronica De Mornay-O’Neal dated renowned Hollywood actors like Michael J. Fox, Tom Cruise, and Jon Voight. Yes, that is right. Jon is the Dad of the acclaimed actress, humanitarian, and filmmaker, Angelina Jolie. We want you to relish not only the versatility of Rebecca but also her sizzling-hot body. So here are her most titillating images. Enjoy!

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