47 Sexy and Hot Raven Pictures

We can all agree that DC comics did a great job of visualizing Raven as a superhero. She was first introduced by DC comics in 1980 in DC Comics Presents #26 as a special insert. The writer, Marv Wolfman, and artist, George Perez, created Raven with a costume of tight swimsuit-like clothing that accentuated her boobs and legs. Although her cape hid her ass, she still looked hot with her bikini-body. 

Raven’s story started when her father, Trigon, fell in love with a human, her mother, Arella. Her power is empathy, wherein she can sense deep emotions. She’s also into magic and sorcery and is a member of the group called Teen Titans.

Raven formed the group, Teen Titans, after she got rejected by the Justice League because of her dark side. She created the group to fight her father, who is a demon. They defeated Trigon with the help of her mother, Arella. However, Raven started to see the other side of her, the part of her father. Her appearance changed over time, and she lost control over her certain stressful situations. Her costume for the Teen Titans was less sexy compared to her debut in 1980.

The DC universe was altered after the Flashpoint series in 2011 and gave birth to the comics, The New 52. In the revamped comics, Raven got introduced as a girl who wore a black and white sweater who got distracted with the overwhelming emotions people had over a funeral.

When Raven left the Teen Titans, she set out to San Francisco to find her relatives. She tried to hide her powers but later got discovered by Damian Wayne. She got recruited by Wayne to form a new Teen Titans to defeat his grandfather, Ras’ al Ghul. It revealed that Damian’s previous team was hunting those he abducted to become the new Teen Titans. They were looking for those with superpowers for their initiation in the League of Assassins. They later found out that one of the members of the League, Plague, targets Raven.

Aside from Raven’s ability to empathize and alter the emotions of people, she also has other skills. She can make someone fall in love with her and can absorb the pain of the wounded to her, resulting in the fast recovery of the injured. She also can astral-project into a bird, which is her soul-self. Since her soul-self as a bird, she can travel long distances and teleport her and her companions into a short-range.

In the Live action, several actresses got Raven’s character. In the TV series, Titans, it was Teagan Croft who acted as Raven. 

In the animation series, Tara Strong voiced over the role. In the video game DC Universe Online, Adriene Mishler voiced over Raven.

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