55 Sexy and Hot Rashida Jones Pictures

Being a daughter of Quincy Jones, you may think that Rashida Jones will get handed a silver platter with a flourishing acting career for her taking. However, this hot actress worked hard for what she’s achieved. She is also a very attractive woman, as evidenced by the Sexy and Hot Rashida Jones Pictures we have compiled below.

Rashida Jones is not another brat daughter of someone who’s lived in the Hollywood spotlight. Before she claimed a spot in the entertainment scene to follow the footsteps of her father, she first graduated from Harvard University.

She’s an intelligent woman that would soon showcase her skills in writing, acting, and producing. Her career in the entertainment industry started when she landed a role in the television mini-series The Last Don.

The stint in the TV scene proved to be a major start for Rashida Jones as she then landed a supporting actress role on another TV program, Boston Public. And while those early TV roles are successful, Rashida Jones only got a significant break after getting her biggest performance so far in The Office. She played as Karen in the series, which earned her massive success and fame.

Rashida Jones also ventured into the big screen for a couple of years. Some of her film appearances include Now You Know in 2002 and Dynasty in 2009.

In 2002, her undeniable beauty and sexy figure got praise as well as she was part of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine.

But the TV scene hasn’t gotten enough of Rashida Jones just yet as she was back in 2009 to star alongside Amy Poehler in another TV show. She became even more famous with her portrayal of Ann Perkins in the seven seasons of Parks and Recreation in NBC. She also played as a lawyer in The Social Network.

That same year, she landed a role to play opposite Paul Rudd in the movie I Love You, Man. The two worked together again in 2011 for the film Our Idiot Brother.

As a daughter of a music mogul, it’s not surprising that Rashida Jones also dipped in the scene. After graduation, she continually works with musicians, like singing backup for Maroon 5 and Tupac Shakur, as well as for The Gap ad campaigns. She also worked in the soundtracks for a couple of movies, including Aaliyah and Foo Fighters.

Rashida Jones also tried her hand at modeling, highlighting her impressive figure with toned boobs and ass in editorials for In Style and Vogue.

Aside from acting, modeling, and singing, Rashida Jones is also an accomplished writer. She is the author of Frenemy of the State, a comic book series about a secret CIA operative. The series later turned into a movie, with the screenplay also written by Rashida Jones.

She also featured her writing skills in the screenplay for various TV shows, as well as for Celeste and Jesse Forever. Her kind of success in various careers is hard to top. Meanwhile, here are some Rashida Jones bikini photos that reveal not only her talent but her impressive curves as well.

Sexy and Hot Rashida Jones Pictures

Sexy and Hot Rashida Jones Pictures
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