60 Sexy and Hot Rachelle Lefevre Pictures

Canadian actress Rachelle Lefevre is popularly known as the sexy, redheaded vampire in the hit film series The Twilight Saga. Many of her fans distinguish the actress for her gorgeous red locks that match her porcelain skin.

Rachelle Marie Lefevre was born in the Canadian province of Quebec in 1979. Her family came from a rich ancestry of Jewish, French, and Northern Irish descent.

At a young age, Lefevre developed an inclination towards acting. She enrolled at Dawson College to study creative arts. She also enrolled for two summers at an art boarding school to study theatre.

Lefevre started working as a sushi bar waitress before she got discovered. In one of her shifts, a television producer heard Lefevre about her acting aspirations. He eventually helped her with her first audition in the sitcom Student Bodies. After failing to land the part, the casting director gave her a lead role as Stacey Hanson in the first season of Big Wolf on Campus.

Since 1999, Lefevre appeared as a guest star in several hit TV series, including Charmed, CSI, Bones, Law & Order, and How I Met Your Mother, to name a few. She also bagged a few leading roles in the small screen, such as Life on a Stick, What About Brian, and A Gifted Man.

Her most recent TV appearance is at a legal drama series Proven Innocent, where she plays the lead role as Madeline Scott.

Apart from her TV appearances, Lefevre has a fair share of film roles. She made her big-screen debut in the Canadian comedy-drama film Stardom. She also starred in other films, like Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Head in the Clouds, and Suffering Man’s Charity.

In 2008, Lefevre got her big break when she starred in the film adaptation of the hit fantasy-romance novel The Twilight Saga. She portrayed the role of a cat-like vampire, Victoria Sutherland.

The actress made it in the first two films of the Twilight series. Her outstanding performance earned a Teen Choice Award as Choice Movie Villain. However, Lefevre did not make it in the third film when another actress replaced her due to scheduling conflicts.

In an interview with The Canadian Press, Lefevre shared how she got blown away from the attention she received from Twilight fans. Some of her fans even petitioned for the actress for her return in the film series.

Aside from acting, Lefevre is also an active volunteer in several charity groups. Some of her humanitarian works involve a breast cancer movement, a charity for orphaned children, and an animal welfare organization.

When it comes to her style choices, Lefevre prefers wearing tubes and v-neck tops. She also loves revealing her hot body in dark-colored bikinis that enhances her ass and boobs.   Check out Rachelle Lefevre’s photos that showcase her fantastic body.

Sexy and Hot Rachelle Lefevre Pictures

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