60 Sexy and Hot Rachel Weisz Pictures

Rachel Weisz is well-known for her role in the 1999 movie The Mummy and the 2001 sequel The Mummy Returns. However, the hot British actress has been in the entertainment scene before that.

While Rachel Weisz gained immense popularity as an actress, she started with a modeling career when she was only 14. Her first try in acting came when she attended Cambridge University and founded Talking Tongues, a theater company that later earned the Guardian Award during the Edinburg Festival.

Rachel Weisz also got a nomination from the London’s Critics’ Circle as the Most Promising Newcomer for her stage performance for Design for Living.

In 1992, she earned a break in the TV scene for Advocates II, then followed in with a role in Inspector Morse. The actress also appeared in Scarlet and Black, a steamy period drama on BBC.

However, she got her first break in the movie scene in 1994 when she landed a minor role in the movie Death Machine. Two years later, Rachel Weisz got her first starring role in the movie Chain reaction, opposite Morgan Freeman and Keanu Reeves.

Her acting career started to grow from there. Rachel Weisz got another part for the movie Stealing Fox, playing the character of Miranda Fox, which earned her the iconic label of “English rose.”

In the following years, that actress appeared in Swept from the Sea, an American drama in 1997, and the British TV comedy-drama My Summer with Des in 1998. She then landed roles for the crime movie I Want You and The Land Girls.

Following the massive success of the film The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, Rachel Weisz went on to play in movies Beautiful Creature in 2000, Enemy at the Gates in 2001, and About a Boy in 2002.

The following year, Rachel Weisz also got the role of Marlee in the 2003 thriller film The Runaway Jury and The Shame of Things.

In 2004, the actress also appeared in several movies such as Envy, Constantine, and Hellblazer.

Her next big-screen appearance came on the movie adaptation The Constant Gardener, which earned her tons of acclaims. Rachel Weisz received Best Supporting Actress awards from the Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards for the movie, among others.

That wasn’t the height of the acting career for the actress, as she received various movie roles after that. In 2006, she appeared on the romantic drama film The Fountain, My Blueberry Nights in 2007, The Brothers Bloom in 2008, and Agora in 2009.

Her other appearances include The Whistleblower and The Simpsons in 2010 and The Deep Blue Sea, Page Eight, and Dream House in 2011. She followed that with a role in the movies The Bourne Legacy and to the Wonder the following year.

Some of the newer works of the actress include My Cousin Rachel, The Mercy, Disobedience, and The Favorite. She’s also to star as Iron Maiden in Marvel’s upcoming film Black Widow.

The sexy British actress has had a thriving career that spanned decades, proving she’s got the talent behind that impressive ass and boobs in Hollywood. Meanwhile, here are Rachel Weisz’s bikini photos that can break the internet.

Sexy and Hot Rachel Weisz Pictures

Sexy and Hot Rachel Weisz Pictures
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