40 Sexy and Hot Portia de Rossi Pictures

Amanda Lee Rogers, now known as Portia de Rossi, was born on 31st January 1973 to Barry Rogers and Margaret Rogers in Horsham, Victoria, Australia.  However, the Australian actress would grow up in the suburban area of Geelong.

When de Rossi was nine years old, her father died. As de Rossi and the remainder of her family was struggling to survive, the 11-year-old girl decided to start a career in the entertainment industry, working as a model and an actress in television ads.

At the age of 15, the sexy star had legally changed her name to “Portia de Rossi,”  inspired by the Shakespearean heroine of “The Merchant of Venice” because it seemed more exotic. Years later, Portia would say that at such a young age, she may have changed her name due to sexual identity, claiming that it was one of the most daring things she has done at such a young age. 

The blonde beauty would then proceed to study law at the University of Melbourne, immediately after graduating high school. Unfortunately, she was not able to finish her higher studies because, in 1993, she appeared in the low budget comedy movie, Sirens, with the British actor Hugh Grant.

The opportunity was possible because a casting director had spotted her in a commercial and thought she was perfect for the part of Giddy, a stunningly hot model featured in the film.

However, it was only in 1997 when her name started to make its way to make eaves in Hollywood—having portrayed iconic roles like Maddy of Scream 2 and Nelle Porter of hit TV series, Ally McBeal.

De Rossi was contacted by the magazine Shape to be in a feature; the magazine had recognized her sizzling physique and highlighted it with photos that showed off her boobs and ass. Her role in Ally Mc Beal earned her the honor of receiving an award from the Screen Actors Award in 1999.

Portia de Rossi was formerly married to American Filmmaker Mel Metcalfe from the years 1996-99. The actress would eventually meet her now life-partner at the backstage of an awards event. On 16th August 2008, Her wedding to American comedian and TV personality, Ellen DeGeneres took place in their home with her mother, brother, and Ellen’s parents as witnesses in the town of Beverly Hills in California.

The couple remains happily married with occasionally taking trips to the beach in bikinis and drinking their favorite wine.

The gallery contains images of the lovely Portia de Rossi, over her career as a model and actress. Photographs range from sexy, sweet to merely stunning, involving red carpet events photoshoots, vacation pictures, and more.

Sexy and Hot Portia de Rossi Pictures

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