48 Sexy and Hot Pom Klementieff Pictures

Sexy French actress Pom Klementieff is famous for her role in several Marvel movies as Mantis. Aside from her outstanding performance, her hot body is off the charts and deserves recognition too! That’s precisely what we are doing by putting together an amazing gallery of Sexy and Hot Pom Klementieff Pictures. Check it out below!

Klementieff’s birthplace is in Quebec City, Canada, but because of her father’s nature of work, the family needs to move from one place to another continually. Once, their family had a chance to live in Japan and Paris, although the latter became their permanent address.

Klementieff never had the opportunity to be with her parents more, and at the young age of 5, she was taken and raised by her relatives.

Before Klementieff considered acting, she was thinking of getting a law degree and enter a class that relates much about it. However, once she knew the process and how hard things can be, she decided to withdraw and focused on other things instead.

Klementieff finally found her purpose and concentrate on acting when she moved to Spain at the age of 19. She enrolled in Cours Florent drama school, and there, she started portraying roles and learning new things about the career.

Her debut on-screen appearance is through a 2007 French film, Après Lui. After two years, Klementieff had the chance to star in Loup as one of the leading roles.

In 2013, Klementieff transitioned into Hollywood and played as Haeng-Bok in Spike Lee’s Oldboy. The film was a remake of a South Korean movie that dominated the market for long. After filming stopped, she continued applying for Hollywood roles while taking care of herself. 

Klementieff decided to train for the sports Taekwondo where she achieved the purple belt after a year of training. Although acting parts for her are scarce, she managed to land a role in a low-budget film titled the Hacker’s Game.

In the movie, Klementieff used her martial arts knowledge, especially when it comes to boxing. Given that the Hacker’s Game has only a limited budget, Klementieff needs to take care of herself while shooting.

According to her, everything, including wardrobe and make-up are from herself. Klementieff decided to switch her hair color into purple, and at the start, it gained objections from the ones managing of the filming.

After two years of hiatus, fans welcomed the hot actress Klementieff as Mantis in the sequel of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. She also reprised her role in the mega hero collaboration films, Avengers: Infinity War, which premiered in 2018, and Avengers: Endgame in 2019.

Pom Klementieff’s career is currently at its peak, and we know that it will continue to blossom into a flourishing one. Her body, alongside her skills, is also steadily improving, including her impressive boobs and ass. Catch only the best bikini photos of Klementieff in our gallery. 

Sexy and Hot Pom Klementieff Pictures

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