43 Sexy and Hot Poison Ivy Pictures

Poison Ivy is one of Batman’s best enemies; and quite a lover as well. She is known as DC Universe’ eco-terrorist with a singular purpose: to purify Gotham city. She is obsessed with anything plant-related such as botany, environmentalism, and plant-torture. She uses toxins derived from plants for her criminal activities, which is usually to protect the natural environment. 

This sexy green warrior creates love potions to control men and other strong-willed people such as Superman. Harley Quinn is probably her only human friend; and her usual partner-in-crime. Her killer looks plus her hell-bent crusade for eco-terrorism makes her irresistible.

Her real name is Pamela Isley. She grew up wealthy but lacked parental love and warmth a child needed to be able to function. This childhood trauma may have been the reason she diverted her attention to plants; plants cannot talk, but when you take care of them, they flourish in silence. She then pursued advanced botanical chemistry together with Alec Holland (Swamp Thing) under the guidance of Dr. Jason Woodrue (The Floronic Man). The then Dr. Pamela Isley unearthed Dr. Woodrue’s illegal activities; he offered her to join him, but Dr. Isley refused. Enraged, he threw her in a rack stacked with deadly plant chemicals. Hours later, Dr. Pamela Isley transformed into Poison Ivy. She then killed him with her poisonous kiss and then incinerated the laboratory.

Poison Ivy is a master seductress: being able to seduce anyone, men or women. She uses her pheromones to control her victims, and make them do whatever they please. Poison Ivy even had control of Superman once, while using kryptonite. Her touch is lethal, and she has immunity against all kinds of toxins, poisons, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. The abilities mentioned are the side effects of Dr. Woodrue’s experiment towards her; getting injected by toxins based on plants and animals alike changed her dramatically. Suffice to say this cruelty altered her genetics. She’s also obsessed with Batman since she’s the only one she can’t control. Talk about mental fortitude!

She appeared several times in different DC comic books and animated films, but her notable appearances were in the movies. The lovely Uma Thurman played Poison Ivy in the 90s movie Batman and Robin (1997), while Maggie Geha performed the hit American action-drama TV series Gotham (2014). There are also rumors that Poison Ivy will appear in the sequel of the movie Birds of Prey (2020).

What makes her so sexy? Aside from her abilities to naturally attract people, she has an incredibly hot body. Her lovely curves compliment her beautiful boobs and her tight ass. Why would she need a bikini when she wears a tight green corset daily? Poison Ivy is possibly one of the best anti-heroes in the DC Universe. A stunning green crusader is just what you need to make your life a little bit livelier. Her looks and complex personality has given fans and cosplayers inspiration. Her switches between a cold-hearted supervillain and an anti-heroine are genuinely riveting.

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