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Peyton Royce is the ring name of Cassandra McIntosh Arneill. She’s a professional wrestler from Australia who moved to Alberta, Canada, to train. Born in New South Wales on November 10, this twenty-eight-year-old wrestler became part of a WWE in 2015.

Before her fame in WWE, McIntosh, with a sexy, hot, bikini body was an excellent dancer. She attended Westfields Sports, the same high school where Billie Kay graduated. McIntosh started to get interested at an early age. She was nine when she had her first taste of watching wrestling. Cassandra’s inspiration was Eddie Guerrero.

Peyton’s professional debut in wrestling happened in 2009. Peyton Royce joined the Pro Wrestling Women’s Alliance (PWWA) with a ring name as KC Cassidy. She teamed up with Robbie Eagles and defeated Mike Valuable and Madison Eagles.  During her years in PWWA, McIntosh won and tasted defeat many times.

In 2010, she won against Jessie Mckay but lost to a championship. The following year, McIntosh lost to Madison Eagles. In the mid of 2011, McIntosh with Tenille Tayla won against Shazza Mckensie and Elia Sway.

In 2014, rumors say that McIntosh received an invitation for a tryout during a WWE Australian Tour. The source could be unreliable. However, several months later, McIntosh became a trainee in WWE NXT. She made an in-ring debut in front of national TV on May 15, 2015. McIntosh used her ring name, KC Cassidy. Unfortunately, McIntosh lost to Sasha Banks.

In July WWE NXT episode, McIntosh tasted her second defeat to Eva Marie. A month later, she appeared with a new ring name, Peyton Royce. McIntosh started as a heel (or a villain) and lost to Bayley. She competed in NXT Women’s Championship but lost to Carmella.

McIntosh teamed up with Billie Kay in October 2016. Their team-up became the famous Iconic Duo. Later on, the Duo got into a feud with Liv Morgan. This feud resulted in a tag team composed of six women.

Throughout the years, McIntosh battled against champions and challengers. In 2018, McIntosh(Peyton Royce) and Billie Kay became the IIconics. The two won victories over many battles.

McIntosh’s accomplishments include  WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship and NXT Year-End Award for Breakout of the Year. She won these battles with Billie Kay. Before her victories in WWE, McIntosh won other championship battles. These battles include Ironman Heavymetalweight, PWA Women’s Championship, and Vera and Jenny Memorial Cup (2014).

McIntosh’s ring name became a playable character in a WWE video game (WWE 2K18). She also appeared in WWE 2K19 and 2K20. Outside the ring, McIntosh is a wife to Shawn Spears, her fellow wrestler in WWE. The two married in 2019.

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Sexy and Hot Peyton Royce Pictures